Sarrat Church (Santa Monica Parish Church)

Originally know as San Miguel Church, this church is renowned as the largest church in the whole Ilocos Norte province.  What interests me most of this church is the bell tower, standing proudly just beside the church.  Unlike the other bell tower I've seen so far, this is the shortest one.
The church's complex was completed after 10 years added to the list of Important Cultural Property of the Philippines. A convent within the church complex was built and used as a chapel prior to the completion of the church and the bell tower. Construction of the church starts in 1779 and finished in 1889. While the convent was built in 1769.

We just dropped by this church on our way to Pagudpud early in the morning so it's still closed.  I wasn't able to see the inside which they said is made of red bricks. This is where one of the daughters of the former President got married.

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