Malacanang of the North

This beautiful house of two-story sits on a five-hectare property with a magnificent view of Paoay Lake. It has grand living rooms, seven bedrooms, and expansive terrace and a beautiful garden overlooking the lake. Malacanang is the official house of the Philippine President. It was called Malacanang of the North, because this was an official house of the former President Ferdinand Marcos during his time. An extravagant gift from Imelda Marcos to his husband on his 60th birthday.

On the ground floor are the expansive living room and the big dining area.  What caught my attention when I first enter the house is the stairs. I don't know if it's the stairs is the original one or it was renovated already. On the 2nd floor, it's another expansive living room and the bedrooms.  We were able to see a couple of bedrooms because there are a lot of people around.  That shows how popular this museum is for both locals and tourists.
This building was one of the Marcoses' assets that were confiscated by the government when Ferdinand Marcos was ousted. After many years, it was given to the local government. At present it is a Marcos Memorabilia Museum that house all of the family's collections.
This building shows the extravagant and luxurious life of the Marcoses. From dining tables & chairs to dresses, they are all displayed here. This is one of the popular attractions in Ilocos Norte.
There are a lot of people come here just to have a glimpse of how the Marcoses live. I've been to a couple of their houses and I really wondered how they could have too much when others have nothing at all.
The mansion is not visible from afar because of the old trees around it.  It's less than 5 minutes walk from the parking and the ticketing office. Located at Paoay, Ilocos Norte and open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Entrance fee is Php20.00.
Imagine waking up every morning with this view?!

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