Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

We were not able to explore more of Pudpud because we don't have much time.  We only had a quick dip because it’s over crowded, not my cup of tea. I don’t like places with a lot people, it kinds of suffocates me. Never visit Blue Lagoon during Holy Week, as it's really over crowded.

The traffic is really bad that almost all of us are irritated. My friend's mom literally went out of the car and helped fixing the traffic. We haven't had lunch yet so when we arrived at the resort we are all tired and hungry.
When it's time to see the beach I was really disappointed.  It's not as what I'm expecting.  I didn't find it exceptional maybe because there are a lot of people swimming. I've been to Capones, Anawangin, Calaguas and Boracay and this is not just good for me. However, I will just come back to see other beaches around, they might be better than this one.


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