4 Must See Attractions in Tutong District, Brunei Darussalam!

I wasn't able to visit all the interesting places in Brunei but I'll make sure I do when I go back there. Depending on what you're interested in, Brunei offers a variety of attractions. You can choose from historical sites, religious or natural attractions.
You only have to drive half an hour from the south-side of Bandar Seri to get to a more rural landscape, the Tutong District. This district is bigger than Brunei-Muara District, but it has less population.  Not much to see there, but if you have enough time to explore Brunei, then drop by in this district.

Here is the list of attractions you can see in Tutong District:

1. Merimbun Heritage Park
For nature lovers, botanists & birdwatchers this is the attraction you might want to check when you visit Brunei. The park surrounds the largest lake in Brunei with a small island in the centre. The small island can be reached by a wooden walkway. Picnic pavilion for public and chalet facilities for research are available in the park.

2. Seri Kenangan Beach
Which means an "Unforgettable Beach, is a very popular beach located 5 minutes drive from the town proper of Tutong District. The unique characteristics of the beach is the magical effect created by a narrow split of land that separate the Tutong River from the ocean. Chalets and hust, stalls and playground are available in the beach.

3. Sungai Basong Recreation Park
Also a five-minute drive from the town proper of Tutong is this very popular picnic area. It has a mini lake, platforms, shelter huts and open-activity area.

4. Tamu Tutong Kampung Serambagun
This is one of the large market in Brunei, an open colorful market that offers local produce. The market is open everyday.

How to Get to Tutong District
To get around Tutong district, renting a car is recommended. The town of Tutong may be approached via the coastal Muara-Tutong Highway, or by following the old Jalan Tutong road. The latter is a more scenic inland route.

If you know an attraction in Tutong District that's not included in my list, please leave a comment so I can add it.

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