Tasek Lama Recreational Park (Taman Peringan Tasik Lama)

You might think that the capital centre of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan, is just a place for malls, mosques and market, but you are wrong. Brunei is one the countries that really takes care of their nature, improving it and at the same time, protecting it.
 Pictures I took on our way to Tasek Lama from the Royal Regalia Building
The park, aside form being the water reservoir that provides much of the city's drinking water, it's also an important place for to strengthen other countries relationship with Brunei. It's a place for for invited dignitaries from other countries to plant trees to maintain tight ties with the Sultanate. It is also one of the oldest nature reserves in Bandar Seri Begawan.
The park has a trail that leads to a natural waterfall and lake with 12 metres climbing wall. A Japanese garden, playground, jogging trails, and athletic equipment for this health buff who want to exercise and at the same time be with nature.

For a more adventurous guests, they can follow the Jungle Trail that leads to the Sarang Helang (Bird’s Nest) and Bukit Markuching. For a bird eye’s view of city, head to the steep incline to reach a lookout tower which offers extraordinary views of buildings and the canopy of the forest.
We visited the park right after the Royal Regalia Building and walking from there to the park really seems so long. And it's really true that when you don't know your destination yet, it seems so far even though they said it's not. They said that it's only 15 minutes walk from Lapau, but maybe to those who kind of jog and not walk.
From the Royal Regalia Building, it took us approximately 30 minutes walk. I really can't remember how we knew to get there, all I can remember is we kept walking and walking. It was hot but we're glad that there's a mini store located just before entrance of the park. They sell canned soft drinks and even buko (young coconut) juice. They also offer local delicacies, but we didn't try one.
There's no entrance fee in the park, like all museums in Brunei. There's no tour guide also so you have to explore on your own. The park has many trees making it cool so we took our time around the park. What I really like about this park is, it's really clean unlike the ones here in Manila. I think government really must be strict when it come littering. People follow if there's a more strict rules.
Even though it's cool, the heat of the sun still hurts on the skin, so if you're going to visit the park, do it early morning or late in the afternoon. That's so you can enjoy walking in the park. What I love in the park is the fitness equipment set just outside in the open. It's like you can get fit while enjoying the fresh air, compare to a closed and air conditioned fitness gym.
The park is really perfect for a family with children. The parents can do their thing staying fit while the kids enjoy themselves at the park. Oh and when they are done with all the activities and want to relax, there's a reflexology foot path which is aimed at massaging and stimulating acupressure points in the soles of the feet connected to various energy meridians of the body. A handrail provides stability and improves accessibility, particularly for the elderly.
The Japanese gardens around the park also has inviting pools to rest those tired feet. Given a chance I will go back there and stay longer so I can try all of these facilities, take a leisurely walk around and follow the trails. When we went there, we just go as far as where the fitness equipment are located and then we headed back to the exit.
As we walk along the path, we saw a few joggers. Tasek Lama is an ideal place for joggers as the multi-leveled jogging trails and walkways are covered with an all-weather running track which is shock absorbing and skid-resistant.

Business Hours:
6:00am - 6:00pm (Monday to Thursday & Saturday to Sunday)
6:00am - 12:00pm | 2:00pm - 6:00pm (Friday)

If you are planning on walking there, click here on how to get there.

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