8 Must See Attractions in Temburong District, Brunei Darussalam!

Temburong District even though part of Brunei was separated from the other districts by Brunei Bay and a sliver of Sarawakian territory. Going to Temburong is like stepping out of another world. To get there, you have to sail the river to reach the capital of the district which is the Bangar, not to be mistaken to the capital of Brunei-Muara, Bandar.
While sailing the river, keep watch for monkeys in the mangroves and lizards basking under the sun. From all the districts in Brunei, this has the most virgin forests. If ever you find yourself in Temburong, here are the interesting places to see:

1. Peradayan Forest Reserve & Bukit Patoi Recreational Park
Bukit Patoi is located within the Peradayan Forest Reserve, this park is about 15km away from Bangar. The reserve with a total measurement of 1, 070 hectares has an unusual caves and rock formations. It also has a view deck for visitors to enjoy panoramic views of the jungle, sea and villages and fields of the neighboring Sarawak. It takes 2 hours to complete the winding trek to the park.

2. Kualala Belalong Mini Park
The park was opened on July 22, 1993, when the Sultan visited the district on his 47th birthday. The park has a number attractions echoing the renowned Kuala Belalng Field Studies Centre. The attractions include a pond used for remote-controlled boat racing and six pondok (huts). The park is located about a kilometre away from the district's capital.

3. Batang Duri Park
The park is located in between the forests and crystal clear waters of the Temburong river. Located about 16km away from the district's capital. Wooden walkways and playground are among the few attractions in the park. Visitors can also swim in the river, but must be aware if the strong current.

4. Outward Bound Brunei Darussalam
This training centre offers programmes fostering the growth of an individual. Among the programmes are growth of self-confidence, trust and mutual support, effective communication, decision-making, problem solving and other interpersonal skills. Their programmes are designed for schools and colleges, government offices, youth groups and other non-governmental organizations. It's located on the banks of the Temburong River and, 7km upriver in the heart of the forest.

5. Ulu Temburong National Park
When I was preparing our itinerary, I really wanted to visit this park as I've heard so much about it. But time does not permit us so I guess I'll just go there when I go back to Brunei. Anyway, this park is I think the most popular attraction in Temburong District. The park occupies approximately 50, 000 hectares with wooden walkways and tree houses linked by hanging bridges. Access to the park is by temuai (longboats). Visitors can stay overnight at their guest houses and well equipped campsites.

6. Rainforest Field Studies Centre, Kuala Belalong
The centre is a joint venture of Brunei Shell Petroleum and Universiti Brunei Darussalam, established as a training and research ground focusing on he nation's lowland tropical forests. To get to the center, one must sail up to 2 and a half hours. Visiting the centre until dark is not a problem. They offer accommodation and dining facilities. You have to arrange it, however, prior of visiting if you plan of staying overnight.

7. Pulau Selirong
If you are a nature lover and want to explore a mangrove, then hire a boat to take you to the island of Pulau Selirong. The island was the source of the timber used for piling in building homes. You must arrange a tour with the accredited tour operators in Brunei to get there.

8. Trekking in Temburong
One of the interesting things to do in Temburong is trekking, since it has man virgin forests. Trekking can be arranged through a local travel agency.

How to Get to Temburong Districts:
  • The only practical mode of access into Temburong District is by boat. Fast ferries leave when full, from the jetty on Jalan Residency, between 7:00am and 5:pm daily. Round trip fare is B$14. 
  • Chartered trips can be arranged by private negotiation through a travel agency. Visitors should bring an ID, such as passport.
  • The journey to Bangar takes about 45 minutes along nipah palm and mangrove-lined estuaries, narrow winding creeks and through open waters.

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