How to Get Out of Marinduque

I posted a blog on how to get to Marinduque recently and visitors might need a guide on how to get out. Getting in is easy but getting out is a piece of cake since there's only one port that operates, the Balanacan port.
Statue of the re-enactment of the beheading of Longinus just outside Balanacan port
Sari-sari stores & souvenir shops at the Balanacan passengers' terminal
From your location, take a tricycle and tell the driver that you are bound for Balanacan port.  He might take you to the highway since the jeepney passes by there or take you directly to the jeepney terminal going to Balanacan. Fare is the same as what you paid when you first arrived.

Please note that jeepney driver drives slowly because they kind of wait for more passengers or that there's another jeepney ahead. One of my friends said, it's as slow as the man on a bicycle selling pandesal. The supposed to be 2 hours travel time takes more or less 3 hours.

However,  be prepared when they find out that that there's another jeepney behind going to Balanacan, because they drive really, really fast.
Statue of the Virgin Mary proudly standing at the Balanacan port
When you get to Balanacan Port, buy a ferry/RoRo ticket going to Dalahican, same price as you pay getting in. Pay the Php22.00 terminal fee and head on to the waiting area.

At the Balanacan ticketing booth and terminal, you have an option too to buy a bus ticket (Jac Liner & Jam Liner).  They sell it at a discounted price, Php219.00 up to Cubao. Don't worry because they are legitimate seller. They will give you a temporary ticket until you ride the bus.
View from the RoRo leaving Balanacan port
Upon arriving at the Dalahican Port in Lucena, take the specific bus and when ask by the conductor give him the temporary ticket, he will then issue the official ticket.

I hope this helps. Let me know should you have questions. :)

How to Get to Marinduque?

Last Updated: December 20, 2016
Getting to Marinduque is easy but you have to endure the long trip if you want to save money. It takes more or less 8 hours to get to Marinduque via bus but due to heavy traffic in Quezon Province, it might take longer than that.  A newly opened AirJuan is available but it's expensive so it's up to you how you want to get there. 

There are three options now to get to Marinduque:

1. Take a taxi, jeepney or bus going to the designated bus terminals for Jac Liner, Jam Liner or Lucena Lines. I always ride Jac Liner bus because they are new, the seats are comfortable and I feel safe with them.  Not to mention there's a free wi-fi on board.

There are two trusted bus companies that operate from Manila to Dalahican, Lucena which is the drop off point going to Marinduque:
Buendia Terminal
Address: Donada St. corner Buendia, Pasay City
Phone#: 404-2073
Regular Trips: 2 am to 10 pm
Midnight Trips: 11 pm & 12 am
Door to Door Trip to Marinduque: 6:00pm (Fare is Php880.00)

Kamias Terminal
Address: 2 Mapagmahal St. Bgy. Pinyahan, cor Edsa, QC
Pone#: 928-6140
Regular Trips: 2 am to 10 pm
Midnight Trips: 11 pm & 12 am
(24 Hours Operation)

Buendia Terminal
2124 Taft Avenue, Pasay City
Phone#: 831-8264/831-0465
Mobile#: 0917-8045122

Kamuning Terminal
831 EDSA, Kamuning, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Phone#: 990-1289
Mobile#: 0916-7026665

Note: Special discount applicable to Senior Citizen and Students with I.D.

2. At the bus terminal, take a bus with a sign board "Lucena/Dalahican"; it goes directly to the port.  Fare is Php210.00 as of November 6, with special discount for students & senior citizens. Please note that the fare changes without prior notice, especially during peak season.

3. You can also take a bus with a sign board "Lucena/Grand Terminal", but it's up to the Lucena Grand Terminal only so you still have to take a tricycle (Php60.00 per person) or jeepney going to the Dalahican Port.

4. Upon arriving at the Dalahican Port, pay the terminal fee of Php30.00, then buy a ticket going to Balanacan in Mogpog, Marinduque.

As of now, there are only 2 shipping lines that operate from Lucena to Marinduque.  Sailing time takes 3 to 4 hours, depends on the ferry or RoRo. 

2nd Floor Old PPA Admin Building, Sta. Clara, Batangas City 4220
Tel #: (043)740-3201 | (043)740-3188 | (043)740-3206
Montenegro's trip Schedules as of November 6, 2016

20 San Antonio St., Lourdes Subdivision, Brgy. Isabang, Lucena 4301
Phone#: (02)710-7403
Mobile#: (0948)548-0767
Montenegro's trip Schedules as of November 6, 2016
Note: Special discount applicable only to Senior Citizen and Students with I.D

Please note that the schedule sometimes changes without prior notice.  So you if you arrive at the port at a wee hour and wanted to take a short nap, you can rent a mattress for Php25.00 at the port terminal and you can sleep until such time.
 Talao-Talao (Dalahican) Port
Dalahican Port was renovated; they added more spaces and seats for passengers' convenience. the toilets were moved to the new passengers terminal and also renovated. It's much cleaner and bigger than the old ones.
 Newly built passengers terminal at Dalahican Port
More seats in between the newly built terminal and the old one
 The old passengers terminal
Passengers Terminal Toilets
The ticket/terminal fee windows are located temporarily at the side due to the renovations. This was last November so I'm not sure if they are finished already.
 Temporary Ticket Windows as of November 6, 2016

 Old Ticket Windows
I prefer sailing during daytime so I can enjoy looking at the ocean.  I sometimes got lucky because there are dolphins playing. And there's nothing more beautiful than seeing the sunset when you're sailing.
5. You'll know you are near Balanacan Port when you see the islets and the statue of the Virgin Mary.  And if you can't see the islets or the statue, you'll know you are near when people start to stand.  Be patient when you see them rushing below, because they are used to being like that.  They want to disembark first before the vehicles to get the best seat in the jeepney or not be left behind since the trips are limited.
6. As soon as you disembark, just follow the people walking to the exit and from there, you can take a jeepney or van going to your desired destinations.  The maximum fare is Php100.00 per person. Make sure to take the designated jeepney for each town.  You will know where and and what jeepney to take because they are announcing the jeepney's destination as soon as you exit the port.  You won't miss the big signboard too.

Jeepneys only leave whenever the ferry or RoRo arrives. After that, you'll just have to take the only available jeepney and transfer from one to another until you reach your destinations.  No worries because there a lot of tricycles operating in every town.

Please note that the jeepney driver can only drop you off along the highway or the designated drop off point.  Usually, the drop off point is the town proper. The major means of transportation is via a tricycle, no taxi. 
See below for additional information on how to get around the small province of Marinduque. There are only 6 towns in Marinduque and these are:

The farthest town in Marinduque from the port.  You can only take the jeepney going to Buenavista as no other jeepney passes here. It passes the town of Mogpog, Boac & Gasan. Travel time to the town proper is approximately 2 hours from port.

2nd farthest town in Marinduque from port. Sometimes, when there are few passengers and won't be enough for 1 trip, they just ask people to transfer to the jeepney bound for Buenavista or the other way around. Travel time to the town proper is approximately 1 hour from port.

The capital of Marinduque and the next town from the port.  If you want to explore this town first before going to your desired destination, you can take jeepney bound for Boac. From there, you can take a jeepney going to your desired destination. Just ask the locals or drivers the location of the jeepney terminal. Travel time to the town proper is approximately 30 minutes from the port.

The town where the port is located. Depending on where you are going, you can either walk or take a jeepney bound for Boac and ask the driver to drop you off at the Mogpog Town proper. From there, just take a tricycle to your desired destination. Travel time to the town proper is 10 minutes.

Sta. Cruz
The 2nd town from the port, if you are going to the other side, that is. Take a jeepney bound for Sta. Cruz. I haven't travel yet to this side so I don't know how long the travel is.

The town in between Sta. Cruz & Buenavista.  There's a jeepney bound for Torrijos, but it's also limited. So your other option is to take jeepney bound for Beunavista or Sta. Cruz and from there take a jeepney going to Torrijos.  I haven't travel yet to this side so I don't know how long the travel is.

Marinduquenos are honest and kind people so no need to worry if you don't know the place. Just ask someone and they will gladly assist you. Sometimes, they even accompany you until you safely arrive at the passengers' terminal.

A "Door to Door" offered by Jac Liner will only cost you Php880.00 from Buendia Terminal to any point of destination in Marinduque. 

Vans are also available for a door to door and the costs is almost the same. The van will pick you up at your front door and bring you to your home. I will be posting a list of door to door vans here soon.

This is the newest mode of transportation available when you are planning to visit Marinduque. I don't have the detailed information yet (will have one when I get home), but I heard that the cost per person is Php8, 000.00 and it's just a small plane that can accommodate at a maximum of 9 passengers. I will add more information here soon.

For the meantime, I tried booking online and it's confirmed the price is Php8, 500.00 round trip. It's from Manila Bay to Marinduque Airport.

If you want cheaper and have an adventure the first option is the best one.

If ever you need help getting there, just message me.
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