Limited Posts Showing on Blogger's Homepage: How to Fix It?

Ever since I used a third party template on blogger, I thought it's the reason why my posts on homepage was limited only to 2 posts. I checked the number of posts I want to show from the Layout and even by editing the HTML of my blog but to no avail.

I've also researched for reasons and possible solutions but I only get vague answers. One post says, one of the reason is because I'm using a 3rd-party template, while another said I might have copied the blog from word and paste it directly to the blog page. I have a lot of old posts that I created in Word and pasted directly to my blog so just thinking about re-doing it makes me just give up on the idea.
I almost gave up when I read something about a jump break and since I've been wondering ever since I started my blog what's the purpose of it being on the edit pane of when making or editing posts. So I started researching about the insert jump break and viola! it solved my problem. I can have as many blog posts I want to show in my blog.

When you are creating your blog and before publishing it, make sure you insert a jump break on the first paragraph. This is to stop the blog from posting all the characters from your post, which exceeds the limited size of the homepage.
I thought of sharing this to help other bloggers with the same problem. Please share if this helped you.


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