Bantay Tower

The old historic belfry of the church, known as the Bantay (To Guard) Tower, served as a watchtower for pirates back in the Spanish era. It's the first thing you'll see from the entrance of the Bantay Church, a perfect spot to watch for an attack.
Bantay Bell Tower is a very interesting place to see here. Not only because it is a historical landmark but also it is in a good location.  Located atop a hill overlooking the view of Vigan.
Bell used for funeral
Wedding bell on the left & baptismal bell on the right
Wedding bell
Make sure to climb the tower to see the church's old bells stored at the top.  These bells, according to the caretaker are: wedding bell, baptismal bell and the bell that use during the funeral.
view from the belfry
It's a bit scary since the wooden stair is too old and creaking under your feet, but it's all worth it.  Once you reach the top and see the view from there, you feel at peace.  It's really the perfect place to guard the church.
view of the church from the tower
You will not miss this tower when you visit the Bantay Church. Make sure to climb! :)


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