How to Restore your Blog's Template

You are backing up your template so that you have your original version whenever you encounter a problem editing it.  Or if you are not happy with the results of the changes you made.  Restoring your template is as easy as backing it up. There are two ways on how to restore your backed-up template.

To restore your template the easiest way, just follow the steps when you saved the back-up file. Go to your blog's Dashboard-->Template-->>Backup/Restore.

 But instead of clicking the "Download Full Template" button, click the "Browse".

You will be directed to a new window where you have to find your saved back-up file. Choose it and click "Open". Your original template is now restored.

Another way of restoring your template is to open your saved back-up file and copy paste the HTML to your blog. 

Open your saved file, right click and open with "Notepad" or XML Editor.

This is it will look like when opened. Select all (Ctrl+A) then copy.

 Now, go to your blog's Dashboard-->Template-->Edit HTML. 

Select all (Ctrl+A),  paste the HTML you copied and then click "Save Template".  You now restored your original template
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