We always end our tour by eating, and this was no exception. Since we are soon checking out the hotel, we decided on having lunch in their restaurant. 

Vigan is known for their bagnet, empanada, longganisa, ukoy, poqui-poqui and chichacorn so make sure you try these before you leave.

Vigan Empanada
Empanada is another food that Filipinos love to eat.  Not only because it's delicious but also it's affordable for a complete meal. Read more>>

Vigan Ukoy
Ukoy, sometimes called Okoy is a flavorful Filipino appetizer with a golden color and better served after cooking.  It's made of unpeeled baby shrimps, but sometimes, others used peeled shrimps. Read more>>

Bagnet and Pinakbet with Bagnet
Bagnet is a deep fried pork belly then sun dried for a long time after. It's considered the top favorite among the Filipinos.  Almost everybody knows this delicacy and no-one can't deny this, except me, though. Read more>>

Vigan Longganisa
Aside from being garlicky in taste, Vigan longganisa is also known for it's sourly & salty taste.  Thanks to the native garlic grown in the province and the Iloko vinegar. Achuete, paprika, ground pepper & kinchay are also added to the meat to complete the perfect longganisa. The color of Vigan longganisa is yellowish.

There a lot of food to try in this province, but I only have one tummy so I can't try them all! :) But I will next time.