What to See in Ilocos Sur?

Each of us have a preference of what we want to see and do. But most often than not, historical sites have this appeal to most people. And I am one of those most people :) I love histories and old houses; Vigan is perfect for my taste.

These are the recommended places to see when you visit Vigan City in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. 

Calle Crisolo
Calle Crosologo, also known as Mena Crisologo Street in Vigan City is the most popular tourist attraction in the province of Ilocos Sur.  Named after Mena Pecson Crisologo, one of the most respected sons of Ilocos Sur...read more>>

Vigan Church (Saint Paul's Cathedral)
Also known as Metropolitan Cathedral is a must visit when you go to Vigan City. It was considered a major religious landmark not only in Northern Luzon but the county as well...read more>> 

Ilocos Sur Capitol
This building will really catch your attention from the kalesa.  The yellow paint of the Capitol really stands out under the heat of the sun.  I wasn't able to explore the building because it's not included in the kalesa tour. If you have extra time, make sure to visit this building and discover the history of the city. 

Bantay Church (Saint Augustine Church)
Bantay Church & its bell tower are among the tourist attractions in the province of Ilocos Sur. This church, also known as "Shrine of Our Lady of Charity" and houses the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary...read more>>>

Bantay Belfry
The old historic belfry of the church known as the Bantay (Guard) Tower served as a watchtower for pirates back in the Spanish era. It's the first thing you'll see from the entrance of the Bantay Church...read more>> 

Syquia Mansion
Syquia Manson is an old house of the former Philippine President Elpidio Quirino that was converted into a museum. This two-story house is actually owned by the wife of President Quirino, Dona Alicia Syquia (Sy-Kia) Quirino...read more>> 

Crisologo Museum

Not far from Syquia Mansion stands the Crisologo Museum. This is where all the memorabilia of the late Congressman Floro S. Crisologo are stored.  His death is very tragic and still not solved until today...read more>>>

Pagburnayan Pottery
Burnay is an Ilocano jar used for storing the local vinegar, bagoong and a local wine called basi.  This was our last stop during the kalesa tour. In here, you will be able to see how the jars are made.  It's almost finished when we arrived, so if you are planning on seeing it firsthand, go there early.  There's a market just beside the pottery where you can buy finished jars and other local treats. 

Other places to see:

  • Archbishop's Residence
  • Father Jose Burgos' Residence
  • Plaza Burgos
  • Vigan Empanadaan
  • Baluarte
  • Pagpartian
  • Hidden Garden
  • Quezon Avenue
  • Vigan Public
  • Plaza Salcedo
  • Vigan Dancing
  • Quema
  • Mindoro Beach
  • Simbaan A Bassit


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