Zambales, is the second largest among the seven provinces of Central Luzon, Philippines. The Freeport Zone (SBMA) that hosts to many tourist attractions such as casinos, beach resorts, parks, beach side huts and cottages and historical sites is located there. Iba, one of earliest towns founded is its capital due to its strategic location.
View of Anawangin Island from Capones Island
The province’s name came from the word “Zambal”, which is a Spanish term for Simbali. Zambal refers to the language spoken by the early inhabitants of the place. Other said, Zambales got it’s name from the word “Samba”, meaning worship, due to the native being highly superstitious; worshiping the spirits of their ancestors.
Mount Pinatubo's Crater
The province’s land area consists more of mountains. The peak of Mount Pinatubo lies near the tri-point of Zambales, Pampanga, and Tarlac. It erupted in 1991, leaving a vast effect on nature and people living on and near the vicinity.  The most affected ones are the earliest inhabitants, the Aetas, living in the mountains. 
Remnant of the 1991 Volcanic Eruption
The eruption left a desert-like features buried by more than 20 feet deep of lahar. Now, the crater has become one of the popular tourist spots in the province.
Shore of Capones Island
The shoreline of Zambales is very ragged, and features a lot of coves and inlets.  The popular ones of all are Anawangin, Capones and Nagsasa Coves.  It’s becoming very popular also for surfer because of the big waves in the shoreline of Pundaquit. Panatag Shoal (Scarbourough Shoal) if a designated part of the province.
Since the province is known for its mangoes, they celebrate “Mango Festival” in the capital of Iba every April.  They also celebrate the “Fiesta Poon Bato” to honor the oldest known image of the Virgin Mary in Asia every January.
Dolphins Show at Ocean Adventure
And if you want to play with Dolphins and see other sea creatures, head to the Ocean Adventure. For the list of What to See in Zambales, please click here.


  1. Great Post Menchu! Makes me want to go to Zambales!! Your pictures are so beautiful :)

  2. Thank you, Jamie! Please do visit not only Zambales but other beautiful places in my country. If ever you need help in planning, let me know :)


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