How to Create your Own Logo Using Cooltext

Before you start, make sure to check the width of your entire blog. You can do that by going to your dashboard, then click on “Template>>Customize>>Adjust Widths", then click “Back to Blogger”.

To create your own logo, you can either use Photoshop, or if you are not very familiar with it, you can just go to this website There are a lot of designs you can choose from on this website. Follow the steps below on how to create logo in cooltext.

Once you are in their site, you can choose any design you want. For this blog, I choose the  "Iceberg" design as shown below.
Note: when you change the design, it will reset everything

When directed to a new window, type-in your text in the “Logo Text” box, then select the font, size, color, opacity and the pattern for your background. You can also change the shadow's type, color and opacity.  The alignment and measurement of your logo.  Here's where you need to input the size of your blog.

Once satisfied with how it looks, you can now download your logo. If you want to add more texts or images later on to your logo, choose the file format .PSD (Photoshop w/Layers).  If not, then the  file format PNG w/Transparency, then click create logo.

You will now be directed to the a new window, where you can either download or edit your logo. If you choose to download the logo, it will automatically open in Photoshop with layer.
You can always go back to the site if you want to create more texts
I hope you find this somewhat easy and useful.

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