How to Make Your Blog Looks Like a Website?

To those who are just starting to blog and do not want to pay for the hosting and domain yet, this is very helpful.  I know it's not much but at least you will be able to play around before you spend.

I have made a lot of searches to find the best way to make my blog looks like a website, and with the trials and errors using different blogs, I have come up with these simple steps:

1. Create, design and improve a new page that you will set as your new main page.  Make sure that the number of posts per page is set to 1.  To set the number of posts per page, go to your dashboard, click Layout>> Edit at the bottom-right of "Blog Posts".

2. When a new window appears, set the number of posts to 1 and then "Save".  Click "Save Arrangement" just to make sure all your changes will be saved.

3. Go to "Settings" => “Search Preference".

4. Click "New Redirect" on the "Custom Directs". You'll be given an option here to redirect your main page to a new one.
5. On the blank box beside "From", type in /. Input the URL of your new homepage at the blank box beside "To".  On the blank box beside "From", type in /. Input the URL of your new homepage at the blank box beside "To".
6. Open your published new home page, then copy  the specific page address, as shown below (highlighted) then go back to your settings and paste it in the box beside "To".
It will look like this now. Click "Save" then "Save Changes".  You are almost done!
Now, the last thing you need to do is to hide the blogger's default homepage. Click on the "Layout" again. Then edit your "Home" navigation.
At the pages to show, unchecked the blogger's default home page then click save.
When you open your blog, viola! You now have your personalized main page.

If you find this helpful, please follow and share. For any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


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