CAP Building (Formerly Price Mansion)

This American-style mansion was owned by one of the richest man in Tacloban before the war, Walter Scott Price. An American businessman known to the local as  reserved as the "King of Leyte" because of his riches and how lived as a king. He's well liked by the locals because he knew how to share his blessing to the less fortunate.
During the World War II, it was used as a headquarter and official residence of General MacArthur. As well as a temporary seat of Government following the proclamation of the restoration of civil government in the Philippines.
The house was later acquired by College Assurance Plan (CAP Building) and now used as their office and at the same time open to visitors as a museum. There were no major alterations or refurbishing done in the building to preserve the original architecture of this historical landmark. Complete with MacArthur Memorabilia, an Art Gallery and a Conference Center. Even the hole left by an attack of the Japanese can still be seen in the building.
One of the important feature of the house is the statues of Douglas MacArthur and Sergio Osmeña standing proud facing the road. It stands there with grandeur that serves as a remembrance and representation of the important  mark in history.

How to Get There?
This building is along the main road so you can ask the jeepney driver to drop you off you in front of the building.  The fare is Php8.00 per person. From there, you can take a jeepney or tricycle to the downtown proper where you can buy their unique pasalubong (treats) and souvenirs.

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