Pinoy Longganisa

We Filipinos love to shop and to eat! And what's the most popular breakfast food we all loved together with fried rice, fried egg and coffee? It's longganisa or others called langgonisa!
In the Philippines, there a lot of versions of longganisa, depends on the province it's made.  And all of us have different taste buds also, so we have different tastes. Some like it garlicky, salty and sour, others, like me, like it sweet.
If you are craving for a longganisa of a specific province, but can't go there to buy, no worries there’s a stall now in Metro Market Market's Supermarket. It has almost all of the popular Pinoy Longganisa. You can now buy Vigan, Lucban or Cebu Longganisa without traveling.
We all know that the most liked longganisas are from the towns of Vigan & Lucban. The longganisa from these towns are almost the same, but have distinctive differences.
Aside from being garlicky in taste, Vigan longganisa is also known for it's sourly & salty taste.  Thanks to the native garlic grown in the province and the Iloko vinegar. Achuete, paprika, ground pepper & kinchay are also added to the meat to complete the perfect longganisa. The color of Vigan longganisa is yellowish.

Lucban longganisa on the other hand has this strong taste of garlic. It's also salty but garlic flavor is more prominent. Unlike Vigan longganisa, this one is made of ground pork with mixed herbs.  From oregano, lemon grass juice to basil leaves.  Lucban longganisa is redish in color because of achuete.  I tried it but never like it. 
Lucban Longganisa
I love my longganisa to be sweeter rather than salty or garlicky.  And I just found one that's just perfect, the Cebu Hamonado! Longganisa hamonado is usually made of ground pork, prague powder, sugar, paprika and salt.
Cebu Hamonado Longganisa
The price ranges from Php180.00 to Php250.00 per dozen.  I know it's more expensive compare to buying it from the specific province, but at least you don't have to endure a long trip when you crave for it.

How to get to Metro Market Market from EDSA:

Via MRT Ayala Station:
Take a bus or jeepney going to Metro Market, Fort Bonifacio.  The jeepney terminal is located just beside the Shell McKinley. Fare is Php8.50. 

Bus terminal is located behind the Shell McKinley. Fare is Php12.00. Trip is every 30 minutes.  

Via Guadalupe MRT Station:
Take a jeepney bound for Gate 3, Housing or Metro Market.  Jeepney terminal is located just outside the Guadalupe Mall in front of Jollibee EDSA. Fare is Php10.00.


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