How to Get to Kampung Ayer?

There are two ways to get to Kampung Ayer. It actually depends if you have extra time and if you have that adventurous side.

Via a Water Taxi

The fastest way to get to the village is via a water taxi.  It only takes 2 minutes boat ride from the water bank in front of Yayasan Complex. Finding a boat is not a problem, because the boatmen can spot you before you even spot them. They are waiting along the water banks of the Brunei River, mostly in front of Yayasan Complex.
Depending on your negotiation skills, you can get the boat for B$30 to $50 but don’t settle…haggle. Their petrol is not expensive anyway!

Helpful Information:

  • The boat has no rigger and if you go there in the afternoon the water kind of rough is rough. Make sure to schedule your visit in the morning when the water is a lot calmer.
  • If you want to take a lot of photos during the ride, make sure to bring a tripod or something that will hold your camera steady. I wasn’t able to pictures because of the rough movement of the boat.
  • The smell of the air is not pleasant but bearable. You’ll soon forget about it when you start exploring. 
  • The water that will splash on your fish during the travel is in brownish color. 
  • Find a group that you can be with to split the fees. 
  • Haggle…haggle…Brunei is rich in oil and their petrol is cheap so the boatmen have no reason to charge you too much. 
  • The water taxis are not wheelchair-friendly but the boatmen are willing to lend a hand and even team up to carry a person in a wheelchair on board. All you have to do is ask.

On Foot
Follow the Path you can see far behind this picture
To visit Water Village on the river's north bank, follow the walkway made in plank that head southwest from Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque.

From the main entrance of the mosque turn left, and just follow the steel fences going to the very end until you see the villages on your left.

 Or the path in front of this house behind the Mosque
There's also a pathway in front of the building above, located behind the Mosque.

The walkway is visible from the water so it’s easy to spot on. Just follow the walkway and it will lead you to the other side of the Water Villager.

I have never used this path going to the village, but I just seen it by chance when I can’t get enough taking pictures of the grand mosque.  It was during the night and I’ve saw the lights heading to the village.

You can use this path if there are no available water taxis around, especially at night if you really want to explore the villages.

Either way, just make sure you visit this historical landmark in Brunei. :)


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