How to Get to High Speed Rail Taichung Station from Taoyuan Airport?

From Taoyuan International Airport Exit 5, to buy a bus ticket going to the Taoyuan Airport. THSR Bus tickets must be purchased ahead of time for each journey. Only UBUS #705 has a direct trip to the THSR from the Airport. The ticketing windows are located at the Arrivals Lobby of Terminals 1 & 2.
Ticket Price: Regular: NT$30 (Php45.00) | Discounted: NT$15 (Php22.50)

For a more detailed guide on how to take UBUS #705, please click here.
After buying the ticket, go to where the “Bus to High Speed Rail” station is located. In Terminal 1, it’s not clear where the bus station is, but in Terminal 2 it’s located on the first floor just outside where the ATM machine is located. Just follow the signage you will see along the way. Or ask about the location when you purchase the ticket. Travel time is 25 minutes. Interval is every 5 to 10 minutes during peak times.
At the HSR Station, you will be dropped off either near the Exit 3 or Exit 5. You can either buy the ticket on the spot or book online at There’s a 20% discount for an early bird reservation. If you haven’t bought the ticket yet online, you can buy it at the ticketing window located at the 1st floor of the station on the right side after Exit 5. There are also ticketing machines scattered in the area.
Ticket Price: Regular: NT$540 (Php809.20) | Group: NT$510 (Php764.00) | Early Bird (Less 20%):NT$432 Php647.00)
After buying the ticket, head to the ticket barrier and head to the platform located at Basement 2. There’s only one stop from Taoyuan Station to Taichung so travel time takes approximately 40 minutes
Schedule from Taoyuan Station to Taichung Station
Bus stations are located just outside the Exit 5 & 6 of the station located at the First Floor. Nantou buses going to Cingjing are located at the Exit 5.

If you contacted a company for a car service or booked a shuttle prior to your arrival, they will let you know where to meet up.

Again, always check the most current fare schedule and timetable to avoid hassle on your trip.


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