Hong Kong Day 4: Flower Market | Bestmart 360° | Crystal Jade Restaurant

Travel Date: November 28 – December 1, 2015 (Saturday - Tuesday)

There's not much time on our last day and only have 2 places in our itinerary, the Flower Market and the Yuen Po Bird Garden, so we took our time getting ready and eating breakfast.

8:30am: Breakfast at Yoshinoya
We don't have the courage to try any of the local restaurants around the Silka Seaview Hotel so we had breakfast for the 2nd time at Yoshinoya. It's fine by me because I love their food anyway. I ordered the same food as I had the first time.

9:00am: Travel to the Flower Market
After breakfast, we headed to Yau Ma Tei MTR station. The market is only one 2 stations away and with all the walking, we got there less than half hour.

9:27am: Hong Kong Flower Market
The street where the market starts does not have a lot of flowers yet, only plants so I thought it's going to be boring. However, when we kept walking, I started seeing a lot of flower displays. They are of different colors, some are real, most are not, but, it's still enjoyable. They are beautiful and cheaper than the flowers in Manila. My friend wanted to buy some to give her mother, but afraid that it will be confiscated at the airport. Me? I just enjoyed looking and taking pictures of them.

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10:15am: Explore Stalls near the Flower Market
As we walked up to the other side of the Flower Market, we found stalls that sells fruits & vegetables. There's also this sweet store that sells cheap pastries and have beautiful displays of made to order cake. Near the store is a novelty stores that sells authentic local items. There's one item that I liked but I thought it's expensive so i didn't buy it. And until now, I'm thinking I should have bought it because it might long before I go back there again and it might no longer be available.

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11:22am: Travel from Hong Kong Flower Market to Silka Seaview Hotel
After taking more pictures, while walking and exploring the stalls along the way, we headed back to the MTR station, to go back to the hotel. We took our time walking since we still have enough time, since we are not set to depart until 6:00pm. We went straight to the hotel to check-out. We left our luggage again at the reception so we can do some more exploration of the shopping stores around the hotel. We really are curious about this store that sells cheap chocolates.

12:25am: Quick Chocolate Shopping at Bestmart 360°
We always pass by this store, but we thought they are selling fake items because it's too cheap. However, we really got curious on our last day and went inside the store. We were really glad that we did, because their products really are cheap! It's a lot cheaper than the chocolate prices in Manila. This is the only shopping we did when we were Hong Kong. I find all items in there expensive, except for the chocolates, so I'm really happy that we decided on checking it out.

To learn more about the store, please visit: Hong Kong 's Bestmart 360°

Please visit their website for a branch near your hotel: http://www.bestmart360.com/en/

1:00pm: Travel from Silka Seaview Hotel to Hong Kong Station
After we pick-up our luggage and put inside the chocolates we bought, we headed to the MTR Station to get to Hong Kong Station for the Airport Express. Yau Ma Tei MTR Station has no escalator or elevator so my friend and I had a hard time carrying the luggage downstairs. While we are trying to figure out and struggling how we will do it, a huge man approach us, and we got scared. We taught he will do something to us, but instead he offered his help on carrying them down the stairs. When we reached the bottom, we thanked him and he walked away but kind of hesitating, and we knew why when we walked and found out there's another flight of stairs! We wanted to call him again, but we got embarrassed. We're ashamed of ourselves thinking bad about the person who only wanted to help!

3:30pm: Travel from Hong Kong Station to Airport
What I also love in Hong Kong, aside from the Self-Service Locker Storage is that they have a counter for early check-in of the luggage. If you don't want to bring your luggage on your way to the airport or if you are planning on do some shopping before going to the airport, you can go to the counters at the Airport Express Hong Kong Station and check-in your luggage. It will be direct loaded to your plane so you only have to worry on getting it when you arrive back home. Oh and I love their transportation too! Especially going to the airport, no hassle, no traffic!

4:15pm: Dinner at Crystal Jade
With all the things happened to us on our last day, we forgot to have lunch. So when we arrived at the airport, the first thing we looked for is a restaurant with good food. We want to award ourselves! We tried to look for more restaurants, but we're already tired and really hungry so we ended up ending at the Crystal Jade. Food is great, but service is poor. Food is taking too long to serve and again, the restaurant staff can't understand us much.

To know more about the restaurant, please visit: Crystal Jade Restaurant

6:00pm: Depart Hong Kong
When we finished eating it's already 5:00pm and I thought our flight is at 5:30pm! I started worrying because we still have to pass the immigration for the departure. When we finished checking-in and everything, we walked fast to get to the gate for boarding. I was running while my friend was taking her time. And then I found out that it's not until 6:00pm! Well, still late, but at least it's still not boarding when we arrived at the gate. Moral of the story, always check the ticket for the departure time!

And that, was the end of our adventure in Hong Kong!

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