Cafe Baudillo at Sagbayan Peak

This restaurant/cafe is located on top of the Sagbayan Peak, overlooking the chocolate hills. When we we first visited this attraction, we didn't eat there.
If you get hungry and wanted to eat, you can buy at their snack shop or eat in their fine dining restaurant, the Cafe Baudilio. Make sure you sit at the table facing the beautiful view of the chocolate hills and enjoy the fresh air. 
There a lot of option in their menu but I'm so happy with what we ordered. They are cooked just right and since the ingredients are fresh, they really taste good. Not to mention the staff is very friendly and accommodating. When you get the chance to eat at Cafe Baudillo, make sure to try these:
 Sizzling Bangus
Lechon Macau
 Sinigang na Panga ng Tanigue
 Fried Chicken with Gravy
I've only spent a total of Php2,000.00 for all the food we had, ain't that cheap!


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