Jade Night Market

The Jade Night Market, officially known as Yau Ma Tei Jade Hawker Bazaar located in Yau Ma Tei in Hong Kong has a long history dating back to the 50's. Original traders in the market came from Guangzhou in Mainland China. After a decade of trading, there were only 10 shops, but then it boomed by the beginning of 1970's, to over 100 shops. By the middle of the 70's, the Jade became popular and one of the most sought-after Chinese souvenir for good-luck charms.
In Chinese characters, Jade is a combination of the words beauty and purity, but Jade is not just a precious gemstone. Chinese people believed that the stone brings luck and prosperity. It also helps ward off ghosts, bad luck and has a positive influence on one's health. Nowadays, not only Chinese has that belief but also a lot of people from different part of the worlds. Jade color varies from green to yellow, brown and even pure white. It can be worn as an accessory and at the same time as good luck charm.
Jade Night Market in Hong Kong, even though popular among tourists, is not the best market to find a good quality Jade. It's a bazaar if you want to buy some second-hand type souvenirs or some decorative but cheap items made of Jade. Some of the items available at the night market are rings, bangles, pendants & earrings. But if you patient in looking, you will also find some unusual and unique items.
If you are really looking for a collectible or precious high quality Jade, go to an official and licensed shops. Just remember, wherever you are, whether cheap or expensive items, make sure you haggle. There's nothing wrong trying to ask for a discount, specially when sellers tend to give a high price to foreigners. And before you pay in full, inspect the jade to make sure it's real and not just made of plastic. One of the trademark of a fake jade are the bubbles inside the jade. It's usually an indication that it's not real.
Aside from buying a ready-made jade, you can also the shop owner for a custom-made jewelry or design. Just make sure you have a photo of the design you want. When buying items, ask the seller to pack it safely and securely to avoid damages. Although, they believed that if you piece breaks, it's a good sign. Why? Because that bad luck should for you, but the jade took it on your behalf.  You can always replace it, by going back to Hong Kong, or find one from another country.
Jade Night Market is really a good place to look for unique old Chinese items, and not just items made of Jade. You can even find luggage tags, tiny usb designed in a cartoon character, etc. Some of the shop owners are friendly, and some get impatient, specially when you ask a lot of questions, and then ended up not buying anything.
Walking along the street, you will also find people selling authentic Chinese dried or preserved fruits or vegetables. Some of also sell fresh fruits and vegetables and other Chinese food that I don't how to read because they are tagged in Chinese characters.
I'm not sure what time the store opens, but when we passed by at around 4:00pm, nothing in there yet. But when we went again at around 10 pm, we were able to see some interesting items.
What I enjoyed when I went there, was seeing the way they sell their items. Almost the same as in Manila, but not really.

Address: Junction of Kansu Street and Battery Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon (Battery Street entrance to Zone A of the Jade Market, located under a flyover)

Business Hours: 9am to 6pm daily (but we went there at around 10pm and it's still open)

Please click here on how to get there.

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