Bakhawan (Mangroves) Eco-Park

Our last stop for our day tour is a visit to the Bakhawan (Mangroves) Eco-Park in New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan. If you want a change of scenery and get closer to nature, pay a visit here.
Eco-Park's registration area
Bakhawan Eco-Park used to be a mudflats.  It was converted into mangroves forest, a shared vision of the local community along with the Department of Environent and Natural Resources (DENR) and people's organization (KASAMA).  It represents the best of its kind and received numerous awards locally and internationally.
Canteen and Gift Shop that also offers massage service
The eco-park is approximately 10 minutes for the main road.  You won't miss it because there's a big sign on the bamboo fence. The location is the typical province, very slow-paced and quiet.  Being a country girl, I love this kind of environment.
Mussels harvested in the mangroves
When we entered, there are locals at the registration and they are very friendly.  One of them is selling talaba "mussels" that they harvested from the mangroves.
Marker as tribute to the Kalibo people
Upon registering we were asked if we're locals or tourists.  I found out that the local has a discount.  One of my friends is from Iloilo so she got a discount.  She only paid Php30.00 from the regular fee of Php50.00 per person. It's not much and you can also help with the maintenance of the park.
We thought the mangrove is just a few meters away from the entrance, but we're in to a big surprise! Well, there are mangroves along the way, but we want to see where it ends. It stretched up to the shore and took us 1 hour and 10 minutes back and forth walking.
Just a few minutes away from the entrance is marker that was erected for the people of Kalibo as a tribute.  I just read it and had a couple of pictures and resume walking. A couple of old people passed by and told us the we're not even close. But if that gave us hope, because if they can do it, we can too.
Nipa Hut near the end of the park
Marker just beside the Nipa Hut
We were walking for 20 minutes already but we still can't see the end, and under the heat of sun, we almost gave up. You can rest in one of the Nipa Hut they built, or if you're like us that just want it to end, keep walking.  
When we reached the second nipa hut, one of my friends told us to just leave her there, she can't walk anymore. After a short rest, we walked again and was awarded by a perfect view of the sea.
The coolness of the air helped me regain my energy, though I wished we brought food.  Walking under the heat of the sun at the middle of the day really made me so hungry.  We just stayed for a while to enjoy the scenery and air, then walked back.
Massage area at the Canteen & Gift Shop
The wonder of exploring is it that when yo know how far it is, it feels near on your way back. Or maybe we're just hungry that we walk faster than before :). Or just that we have seen enough that we're not paying attention to it anymore.
Back to the entrance, there's a canteen and gift shop where you can rest and even relax for a while. They have native chairs there for their customers who wants to have a massage after an hour of walking.

If you plan on going there, make sure to bring bottled water, snack and umbrella. Make sure to wear sunblock lotion too. Early morning or late afternoon is the perfect time to visit
Entrance Fee
Address: New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
Phone#: +63(36)262-7696
Business Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm

This was included in our tricycle day tour for Php800.00/pax of 3.

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