Our first stop in Kalibo is the famous Sampaguita Gardens Resort. Recognized as a major landmark in Travel and Industry in Kalibo. It's one of the investments that helped establish the municipality of New Washington.

The resort is owned by Samuel John Butcher, an artist and creator of Precious Moments artworks that promote caring, loving and sharing messages. He's also the owner of the Precious Moments Park in Missouri, USA.
Reception Building where Sim Sam's Restaurant is also located
The 2.6 hectare sprawling resort has 48 Guestrooms and Suites, Convention Facilities, Business Center, Meditation Chapel, etc., but what makes it famous is the Christmas Cottage and the Sammy's Circus Ride. 
The name of the park got its name from the national flower of the Philippines, the same flowers many street children sell in Metro Manila. Those children fascinate Mr. Butcher and it helped him decide about the name. It also has the first 3 letters of his name.
We arrived at the resort almost closing time, but we were still able to buy a ticket. I'm not just sure if it because we came almost at closing time that there's no tour guide or there's really no need for one.  Though, for me it's a good thing because we can go explore on our own.
As we enter the resort, these normal precious moments statue along the pathway greeted us. And who wouldn't be tempted to sit on the wooden bench to rest or to have a couple of pictures.
Precious Moments Holy Family
What caught our attention as we walked by was their own replica of the holy family, called Precious Moments Holy Family. Around this are cute animal statues that kids and adults would love.
We were taking pictures but I can't concentrate when I saw the famous Christmas cottage. I wanted to go directly to the cottage but my friends are still enjoying taking pictures with the cute animal statues.

And when it's finally the time to go to the cottage I can't seem to keep my excitement.  I wanted so bad to see what's inside the cottage that made it very famous. But of course, I have to take more photos of interesting things I can outside of the cottage.

Just opposite the cottage is the Sammy's Circus, a circus created for Mr. Butcher's 3rd eldest of his 28 grandsons, Sammy. It is really a good idea but I just wished they maintained.  It's not currently working and some of the rides are damaged and I have no idea if it's under repair or they just ignored it.
There's a building just before the Christmas Cottage, where the reception and one of the two restaurants are located.  The Christmas decors inside are interesting enough that I wonder what it would be like in the cottage.
We just took several pictures and headed out for the main attraction, the Jojo's Christmas Cottage and Precious Moments shop.
Just beside the cottage, I saw this old Ford Model, 1625 parked in the garage. Not sure thought, if it's still working.
Behind the cottage is the Meditation Chapel. I don't know if it's only because it's getting dark but I feel a little bit scared when we were walking. Or maybe there's no one around but us.
Make sure to visit this place, if not to stay, but to visit the all year round Christmas store. Just make sure to go there earlier to make sure you visit all of attractions. Jojo's Christmas collections/rooms is currently under maintenance when we visit so we were not able to see it. But I was satisfied exploring their Precious Moments shop.
Address: #1 Sampaguita Avenue, New Washington, Aklan
Phone#: +636)264-3422
Entrance Fee: Php50.00 (Consumable and can be used to buy in their store)
Business Hours (Museum): 7:00am to 5:00pm, Daily

How to get there from Kalibo Hotel:
  • Take a tricycle from Kalibo Hotel and ask the driver to drop you off at the terminal going to New Washington.
  • From the terminal take another tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off at Sampaguita Gardens Resort. Fare is Php20.00 per person.