Bomod-Ok Falls

Bomod-Ok Falls is one of the popular tourist attractions in Sagada. This falls is located in Banga-an, 45 minutes to an hour walk from the town proper. The trek is really an exhausting one, but with the rice terraces and green surroundings as your view, you won't mind walking.
Bomod-Ok means Big in Sagada, so it's just simply Big Falls, and it's literally a big falls. You will pass by the rice terrace and a town to get to this 200-feet tall falls.
You'll walk on the rice paddies, then walk up to the town and then down the elevated portions using the stonewall of rice terraces. Some of the steps are steep and you have to be very careful walking or you'll fall in the rice paddies.
Make sure to wear cool comfortable clothes. Bring extra clothes with you even if you are not planning on getting wet. You might fall on the rice paddies accidentally or you might want to take a dip when you see the water. 
There are no comfort rooms or dressing rooms in the area; only big rocks will serve as your wall when changing. Or if you really are not up to it, you can walk with your wet clothes on for an hour or so. 
When we went there it's rainy season so the down-pouring water of the falls really cold. You have to be brave enough to dip on its basin pool having a below 15C. The water is almost as white as cotton and very tempting, so we decided on swimming. 
We're not even near the falls but I'm really trembling from the cold water.  That didn't stop us from going further, though. We got wet already so we went far ahead and try to dip in the water. It's just a short one because it's really freezing. Be very careful walking around because the rocks are slippery.
Keep in mind that you'll have to pass by the rice fields in order to get to that falls, and sometimes, these passage is restricted because of the traditions associated with planting and harvesting season. 
You must get a tour guide also because there's no way you'll know the way going there. The rate of the tour guide is per group so it's best if you can share with other groups to save. You'll even meet new friends in the process.

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