Lumiang (Burial) Cave

Lumiang Cave or Burial Cave is one of the largest caves in Sagada. True to its name, it was really a burial cave. Coffins and remains can be seen at the entrance and inside the cave.
The cave is a 10-15 minutes walk from the road. Steep steps leading to the entrance of the cave where over 100 coffins are stacked, the oldest is believed to be 500 years old.
From the entrance you have to descend further below to start the trek. Before we get to Sagada, we were asked if want to do just the spelunking or cave connections. 
I don't know when I will be able to come back so I have chosen the cave connections. Glad my friends want to try it too, because it's going to be lonely and scary doing the cave connections alone.
Before starting, the tour guides will explain the safety and guides to be follower to make sure the exploration is safe. Make sure to listen well and follow what they tell you because they know what they are talking about. We had two guides since we are a big group so I feel secure.
As we stayed at the entrance for a while, I can already feel how cold and dark it is inside the cave. The start of the adventure is not that easy.  
It requires you to rappel, crawl, hike, climb and pass through normal holes and pools of freezing water. Not to mention it's so dark as we go deeper, only the head light and kerosene lamp give us the light.
I never been to a cave before and it's really giving the adrenaline to explore and see more. But I have to follow what the guide said and also to help my friends in crawling and climbing to make our way through faster.
We have a long way through to the next cave, where some of our friends, are doing the spelunking. As we arrived to some of the rock formations, I'm amazed already. But our tour guide said, this is nothing compare to the rock formations in Sumaguing Cave. That just adds to my adrenaline, not minding the cold water and the dark surrounding.
Cave connection is really not for faint-hearted people or if you are claustrophobic. But first timers with adventurous soul are more than welcome to try. Make sure you do the cave connections and not only spelunking when you visit Sagada. What you can see in Lumiang is different to what's in Sumaguing cave.
Just be prepared because it's really one hell of an adventure, and it's all worth it!


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