Kiltepan Peak

Kiltepan Peak is very popular for photo enthusiasts and nature lovers. The peak gives you the view of the Rice Terraces and the perfect sunrise. Sagada being in the highest part of the Philippines has the perfect sunrise and sunset.
Since it's raining when we visited, we were not able to see the sunrise. Even the rice terraces below because the cloud is hovering over it. It's a struggle waking up early in the morning in Sagada because the weather is so cold you might want to stay in bed.
We woke up at around 4:00am to make sure we're there before the sunrise. On the way to the peak, we walked pass a lot of pine trees. Loving in the Philippines, which is a tropical country, being in a cold place like Sagada is just amazing for me. Walking in the fog and the cool wind touching my face.
When we arrived at that ledge, there are a lot of people, with their cameras, waiting for the sunrise. Others were staying on the very dangerous ledge that I cringe from fear. But I know how it feels now that I started taking photos, I’ll do everything just to take the best photos.
We've waited for an hour just to see if the sun will rise, but unfortunately, due to the rain we haven't seen it. That's the only regret I have when we visited Sagada. I don't know when I will go back, but I make sure it's summer so I can see the sunrise in Kiltepan Peak.
Well, at least we had a pictorial with the travel agency's driver :)


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