Sumaguing Cave

Sumaguing Cave is the largest chamber among other caves in Sagada. It houses lot of rock formations that appeal to people to explore even with less experience or knowledge. Just knowing what awaits deep within the cave, makes you excited.
You will want to see for yourself the different rock formations, limestone and cavern-like features of the cave. Just be prepared, though, for the unpleasant and hard trail to see them. One of my friends hugs and almost kisses one of the rocks after our trail.
After you pass through the Lumiang Cave, the guides will lead you to Sumaguing Caves, where beautiful and amazing rock formations awaits. For me, Lumiang Cave is the hardest to enter, because of the normal holes, steep steps and freezing pools. 
Your only enemy in exploring the Sumaguing Cave is the darkness and the cold pools of water. You have to climb the rocks in darkness just so you'll get to where the formations are. The rocks here are smoother than the ones in Lumiang Cave.
The Chocolate Cake
But all of these are worth it when you see them. It's amazing how great nature for these wonderful creations. They have given names to the rock formations according to how the look like.
The Queen
The King
At the start of the tour, we were told about the King & the Queen rock formations, and I though they really are king and queen. But when I saw them, I thought to myself, these are not to be shown to kids.
The Elephant's Foot
The Crocodile
We've been in the cave for almost 5 hours and when we get out, it's raining. When inside, you'll have no idea what's happening outside. I'm very thankful that we were safe and that we've been able to experience the cave connections.
Sumaguing Cave Entrance (Exit if you enter Lumiang Cave)
Make sure to bring a lot of water and snack if you are planning on doing the cave connections. Bring something you can carry and wear comfortable clothes. It's a really a must when you go to Sagada. Don't ever miss it!


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