Kampong Ayer Cultural & Tourism Gallery

Opened in 2009, this gallery is in a perfect location and a good place to start exploring the water village. Located at the heart of the water village, this complex features five mini galleries, that house all the important information and pictures on history, traditions, society, arts as well as handicrafts and relics from the origins of the water village dating up to the 10th until the 20th century.
When we visited the water village, we were dropped by the boatman at the jetty port just a few steps from the gallery. Unlike the other people in Bandar Seri Bergawan, the people there are friendly.  The two men at the information both were very accommodating and even gave us some souvenirs.
Like most museums, whatever country you’re in, taking pictures is still not allowed in important places. In this gallery, you can only take pictures as far as the lobby, where some pictures and items are displayed.

I just took a few pictures, explored the inner gallery and left to the viewing tower. The viewing tower is a square, glass-enclosed that offers panoramic views of the scene below. The city can be seen from there too, and I’m sure it’s a perfect view at night, with all the lights on.

The gallery can easily be seen coming from the city because of its viewing tower. Don’t miss exploring this gallery when you get to visit Kampong Ayer.
View from the Tower

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