Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkiah

Sultan Bolkiah Mausoleum is located on a hill ridge at Kota Batu, overlooking the Brunei River. His Majesty reign Brunei from 1485 - 1524 century AD. He’s the most famous of all sultans of Brunei. 

During his reign Brunei Empire was at its peak; almost all the sultanate in Borneo were under his sovereignty including Sambas, Kotaringin, Pontianak, Kutai, Pasir, Tuli-Tuli, Banjarmasin and Burau. He even seized Manila briefly with the help of a cannon called Si-Gantar Alam (He Who Makes the Earth Shake)

He was also famous for playing royal instruments and earned a nickname Nakhoda Ragam (the Singing Captain).  He died at sea at sea while returning from java, where he had just married a princess named Puteri Laila Menchanai.

According to the Salasilah, the princess was not told of his death until their ship reached Brunei, whereupon she committed suicide in grief. I thought of her name sounds like mine and I even got a picture with her name at Kampong Ayer.

We were not able to visit this mausoleum because we don’t have much time. But I've learned long time ago that it’s best to leave some attractions that I can go back to. At least I have reasons to come, not sooner but definitely in the future.
Address:  Jalan Kota Batu

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