Kampung Sungai Matan Homestay

Kampong Sugai Matan Homestay is a bed & breakfast located at the Water Village (Kampong Ayer). It's just by chance that we found this home stay when we explored the village from the Gallery.
The head of the home stay is very accommodating and friendly. As soon as he sees us, he greeted us and asked us to go inside.
The first thing that caught my attention when we entered is this altar with 2 golden chairs, called "The Wedding Altar". Knowing how rich Brunei is, these chairs or at least the covers, are probably made of real gold and silver threads. 
For a home stay, it's really a very welcoming. It's what you really call a home away from home. Based on how the head of the home stay, who is also the head of the Sungai Matan Village, he's really proud about this place. He's not contented on showing us the living room, he asked us to go and see the rooms upstairs.
What I particularly like about this home stay is the wooden stairs. It reminds me of the stairs in our old house. I really felt at home and wanted to stay for a while and check the design of the woods if only he stops urging us to go to see the rooms. He's very persistent that we got scared because he keeps on asking to go and see the rooms. 
As soon as we 're at the room, he asked us to sit on the bed so he can take pictures of us. We don't want to offend him and his hispitality but we are all three girls and he's asking us to pose, sitting on bed while he's taking photos. I looked at my friends and I know they feel the same, scared. He told us that the pictures will be posted on Facebook, but it didn't help at all. Well, at least he said that the home stay has a Facebook Page and he will post our pictures there with a caption "Friends from the Philippines".
We wanted to leave the house as soon as we got back downstairs but he is, again, persistent in taking pictures of us in front of the altar. He even called one of my friends "My Asawa" (My Wife). He wants to have a picture with her at the Altar, but me and other friend make sure we are also in the same picture. 
I know it's wrong to think bad things about other people but I cant help it. And to set the record straight, he's really just being friendly and accommodating. We knew that when we visited his Facebook Page and saw other pictures of people from different countries. I now understand that being too friendly and polite can sometimes be misinterpreted. Well, you can't blame me, because it's my first out of the country trip and I watch too much travel suspense movies. :P
If you want to fully explore the water village, it's best to stay a night.

Address: Simpang 792, Jalan Kota Batu, The Head of Sungai Matan Village

How to get there? Please click here.

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