Brunei Darussalam Museums and Galleries

Brunei is one of the countries I love, not only because it's my first out of the country visit, but also because it has a lot of historical sites. I'm more of historical sites person than shopping malls or a nightlife.

I'm not regretting that Brunei was my first out of country, even though people asked why I visited Brunei when there's nothing to see. Well, for me there are a lot of places to see in Brunei and 3 days of staying there is not enough.

For just museums and galleries, you will need at least two days to enjoy it. I was able to visit a few, but at least I have reasons to come back in the future.

Below is the list of museums & galleries in Brunei Darussalam that you might want to check when you visit the country.

Kampung Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery
Opened in 2009, this galley is in a perfect location and a good place to start exploring the water village. Located at the heart of the water village, this complex features five mini more>>

Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Centre

Is a governmental center coordinated by the Brunei Museum. It was built with just a main purpose, to revive the country’s heritage in traditional more>>

Royal Regalia Museum
The museum is built to commemorate the 1992 Silver Jubilee of His Majesty's ascension to the throne. I find his museum one of the more>>

Mausoleum of Sultan Bolkiah
Sultan Bolkiah Mausoleum is located on a hill ridge at Kota Batu, overlooking the Brunei River. His Majesty reign Brunei from 1485 - 1524 century AD. He’s the most famous of all sultans more>>

Malay Technological Museum

Located not far from Brunei Museum is the Malay Technological Museum. Contrary to its name, this museum displays are not about modern more>>

Twelve Roofs House
Another attraction that I wasn’t able to visit when we were in Brunei. This sultanate's oldest extant building, is now a museum dedicated to the longstanding 'special relationship' more>>

Brunei History Centre
Established in 1982, this centre aims to conduct research into the 600 year old history and culture of the country with special focus on the more>&gt

Brunei Museum
Brunei Museum is the National Museum of Brunei and the largest museum in Brunei. Like the Kampong Ayer Gallery, this museum also has number more>>

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Islamic Exhibition Gallery
Opened in 2001, this gallery is one of the landmarks of Bandar Seri Begawan. It contains the Sultan's and Yang Di-Pertuan's (Head of State) personal collection of hand-written Al-Qurans, an exquisite range of walking sticks and prayer beads dating early Islamic periods to the late 19th century.
Address: Spg 26, Jalan Babu Raja, Darul ‘Ifta Building
Brunei Art Gallery
A former solid and windowless Customs and Excise building by the Royal Wharf in Bandar Seri Begawan was converted into Brunei's Art Gallery.  It's the centre for Brunei art scenes and exhibitions. The venue is located facing the historical Kampong Ayer, giving visitors the see and hear the speed boats that bounces back and forth from the water village to the city. I was not able to visit this gallery, but included in my "Reasons to Come Back" list.

Brunei Darussalam Maritime Museum
If you want to see the nation's historical maritime artifacts and technologies including the Brunei Shipwreck discovered in 1997, Maritime Museum is the perfect place. It's considered one of the most important discoveries in the country's maritime history. The reason is because it showcases the history of trade between Brunei and China. Another museum added to my list to come back.
Address: Jalan Kota Batu
Brunei Stamp Gallery
This gallery was just opened and located inside the post office building in Jalan Sultan.

Make sure to visit these places when you get the chance to visit Brunei.

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