Jawili Falls

Jawili Falls is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tangalan, Aklan. The falls was formed into seven basins created by water that flows centuries ago.

I heard so much about this centuries old falls that I was expecting so much. And when I searched for the images on the Internet, I know then that's it's worth a visit. I was really disappointed when we get there because the falls has started to dry-up.
Jawili Falls is a mere five minutes walk from Jawili Beach, as the local said. Though their 5 minutes might be 10 to minutes walk for tourists. Good thing we had a tricycle to take us there.
There's a small park just before the falls and there are cottages around if you want to stay for while. I'm not just sure if they accommodate for an overnight stay. 
There are flowers along the way going to the falls ad I took a couple of pictures. That made my visit worth a while.  At the foot of the falls is the entrance where you have to pay for Php40.00 per person.
We walked pass the big basin to get to the top of the falls. We want to see where the water is coming and I want to see how it looks from up high. As we walk by, I’ve seen kids taking a swim and a couple being cozy with each other. It's like a dating ground for them. 
The path going up is way much better than I expected. It's narrow but at least covered with concrete, making the climb much easier. The view from atop is very refreshing, I just wisher more water were flowing from the falls; it must be a wonderful sight.
If you are planning on visiting the falls, you better go there during the rainy season. You'll be able to see the full beauty of the falls with a lot of water flows from its basins. This is a place for nature lover.
Location: Jawili, Tangalan, Kalibo Aklan, Philippines
Entrance Fee: Php40.00


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