What to See in Aklan?

Boracay, aside from the Ati-Atihan Festival, is the most popular tourist spot not only in the Philippines but all over the World. It's the 2nd Best Destination in the World.

Kalibo however, is not as popular compare to Boracay when it comes to tourist spots, but it has its own unique and beautiful places to explore. Even before Boracay became popular, Aklan is already known for its pristine white beach, colorful festivals and unforgettable histories.  

I know there lots to be explored in Aklan, but these are the main tourist spots worth visiting.

Boracay Island
Boracay is a small island in the province of Aklan, Philippines; known for its powder-like white sand and crystal-clear blue water.  It receives a lot of awards from travel publications and agencies. It has become very popular among locals and tourists...read more>>

St. Nepomucene Parish Church
This century old church located at Brgy. Poblacion, Tangalan, Aklan was built through hard and forced labore. It was finished after 28 years of suffering and sacrifices from the people of Tangalan...read more>> 

Jojo's Christmas Cottage
One of the main attractions in Kalibo is the Jojo's Christmas Cottage. Locatted inside the Sampaguita Gardens, this cottage features an all year round Christmas items and other themed locations...read more>>

AFGA Rock Wave Formation
Afga Rock Formation is popular for its wave-like formation. It's really amazing and for those rock lovers, this is perfect...read more>>

Museo it Akean
Museo it Akean is the province private museum housing the rich history of the province. Aklan being the oldest province in the Philippines is very rich of many wonderful cultures and histories...read more>>

Kalibo Cathedral
Kalibo Cathedral is home to one of the shrines in Aklan, the Shrine of Sto. Nino. The shrine draws a lot of believers every January wanting to join the celebration in his honor. I've never seen the actual shrine because we went there during a mass...read more>>

Pastrana Park
Pastrana Park was declared by the local government as a municipal archaeological site because of its major significance to the town...read more>>

Sampaguita Gardens
Our first stop in Kalibo is the famous Sampaguita Gardens Resort. It’s recognized as a major landmark in Travel and Industry in Kalibo. It's one of the investments that helped establish the municipality of New Washington...read more>>

Bakhawan (Mangrove) Eco-Forest
Bakhawan Eco-Park used to be mudflats.  It was converted into mangroves forest, a shared vision of the local community along with the Department of Environent and Natural Resources (DENR) and people's organization (KASAMA)...readmore>>

Jawili Falls

Jawili Falls is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tangalan, Aklan. The falls was formed into seven basins created by water that flows centuries ago...read more>>

Jawili Beach

Jawili Beach is said to be the first Boracay in Aklan. It's not as beautiful as Boracay's but its long stretch of creamy white to gray sand has its own appeal. It's so serene and quiet, perfect for relaxing...read more>>

If by chance you plan on visiting Boracay Island, save an extra day or two to visit other places in Aklan.


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