Ilocos Empanada

Empanada is another food that Filipinos love to eat.  Not only because it's delicious but also it's affordable for a complete meal.  Empanada is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried. It's made by folding dough around stuffing, which consists of different ingredients, depending on which county or town it's made from.
 Sliced Carrots & Cabbage
 Vigan Longganisa
Rice Flour & Salt
Pinoy Empanada, on the other hand, usually contains ground beef, chicken or pork, chopped potatoes, onions and raisins wrapped in a soft & slightly sweet wheat flour dough. There are a lot of empanada varieties in the Philippines but the most popular one can be found in Ilocos region.
Super Special Empanda
Unlike the empanadas made in the Tagalog region, this one is a lot different, in looks and its taste. A visit to Ilocos, specifically Vigan, is not complete without tasting their famous Empanada. Ilocos empanada is mostly made of vegetables, evidence of how Ilocanos love vegetables.
Ilocos Empanada is made of galapong (rice flour), grated green papaya, monggo (mung bean), toge (mung bean sprout), shredded carrots, eggs and Vigan longganisa. The rice flour is made a day before it is used for making the crust or the shell.
Deep Fried Empanada
Achuete (achiote) or orange food color, salt and oil are added into the rice flour before kneading it as thinly as possible.  A banana leaf is used in kneading, but if not available, wax paper is a good substitute.  It's then deep fried and served with the original Ilocos vinigar with chopped onions, ground black pepper and chili.
Empanadas Available at Metro Market
Some of the Ilocanos restaurants in Metro Manila offer Empanada.  But if you are craving for one and you are near Metro Market-Market in Fort Bonifacio, they have a stall just before the grocery store. 

They use cabbage instead of papaya, carrots, Vigan longganisa, eggs and rice flour. Empanada special is readily available, but make sure to try the Super's really delicious! And ask for extra Ilocos vinegar.


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