When I was preparing our itinerary for our Hong Kong trip, I was so excited to ride the Ngong Ping Cable Car. I'm afraid of height but when it comes to trying new things and have an adventure, it won't stop me.
Tung Chung Terminal Station
I had my first cable car ride 10 years ago and even though it's a little but scary, I still loved it. So when I heard that the cable car ride in Ngong Ping 360 takes 30 minutes, I was looking forward to it.

Ngong Ping Cable car with 5.7km bi-cable ropeway is the first of its kind tourist destination in Hong Kong.  The cable car journey starts from Tung Chung crossing Tung Chung Bay to reach the angle station on Airport Island and turning about 60 degrees in the air towards North Lantau.

View of the airport from the cabin
The ride offers a panoramic view of the mountains and valleys of Lantau Island. From up there, you can also see the Hong Kong International Airport and see the Big Buddha from afar.
View of the Big Buddha from the descending cable car
We were at the Tung Chung Cable Station as early as 30 minutes before the opening time, which is perfect, because only less people in line. We bought our ticket via Klook and had to wait for a few minutes to get the actual ticket, then head to the platform. From there, you have to wait for your turn to be seated in the Cabin. The Cabin can accommodate a maximum of 17 people or 1, 275 kg.
Mountain trails as seen from the cable car
At first I was really excited but when we're crossing the Tung Chung Bay and getting higher and higher, approaching the Lantau North Country park I started to get scared. Specially when I looked down and saw how high we were and that's not even the highest point yet.
Before the ride, I was planning on enjoying the view but I ended up taking pictures, to take my mind away from the height. Although, it's not different from looking at the view because I still have to see what I'm capturing. And even though I don't want to look down, I had to because I got curious at the trail on the mountain. I even can see people walking. It made me wonder if how many hours it takes to walk, if possible, from there to Ngong Ping.
Nei Lak Shan Angle Station
From Tung Chung Terminal, the ride will have a short stop at the Lantau North Country Park then ascend again to the highest point of the ride, the angle station at Nei Lak Shan. It's 560 meters above sea level and when it starts to descend, you will have a view of the Big Buddha. It gets bigger as the car get near to the Ngong Ping Terminal.
There three types of cabins you can ride when you want take a cable car going to Ngong Ping: Standard Cabin, Crystal Cabin and Private Cabin. Originally, I wanted to ride the Crystal Cabin but my friend said we should take the Standard one since we're both afraid of heights.
Crystal Cabins have glass bottom floor, giving the full view of the mountains, valleys and of course the knowledge of being so high from everything. Standard Cabins are perfect for first timers who are afraid of heights, it's really a must do in Hong Kong.
If you prefer a more private and want the cabin all to yourself, then the Private cabin is the perfect one for you. Aside from that, you will enjoy a queue-free ticketing and a priority boarding service. You can also choose which one to ride depending on how much you want to pay. And the entry to the themed attractions Walking with Buddha is also free. 
Below is the complete rate of the Cable Car:
Standard Cabin                            Round Trip          Single Trip
Adult:                                           HK$185              HK$130
Child (3-11 yrs old):                       HK$95                HK$65
Senior Citizen:                               HK$130              HK$90
Crystal Cabin
Adult:                                          HK$255               HK$180
Child (3-11 yrs old):                      HK$175              HK$125
Senior Citizen:                              HK$205              HK$145

Private Cabin:
Standard: HK$3,800
Crystal: HK$4,500
Price includes Round-trip cable car ride in a private cabin (standard / crystal cabin), fast lane for ticket purchase, priority boarding and free admission to Ngong Ping Village's "Walking with Buddha" attractions.

For more offers & promotions, please visit their website: http://www.np360.com.hk/en/buy-book/pricing-and-packages/
If you want to get a much cheaper ticket, then book one at Klook. Their rate for Standard Cabin Round Trip is HK$135 for Crystal Cabin it's HK$200. For a most current rate and offers, please click here.
Ngong Ping Cable is really an amazing experience and a must! Although you have to move fast because the cable car as it moves while passengers are boarding. If you want a souvenir photo, you can pay the ones taken by them for HK$300. It's too expensive for me so I didn't get mine, besides, I have my camera so I can print as many as I want. It's one of the World's Most Amazing Cable Car and Amazing Rides of the World.