Ngong Ping Village

From the descending car to Ngong Ping Station, you will already see the Big Buddha and glimpse of the Ngong Ping Village. When I was preparing our itinerary, I thought this is a real village with the locals. What I have in mind the the village like what they showed in Kung Fun Panda (LOL).
As soon as you stepped out of the station, on the way to the Ngong Ping Village, you will be greeted by flyers of Hello Kitty hanging on the ceiling. Although, isn't Hello Kitty from Japan and not Hong Kong?! :P
The path from the station to the village passes through the Ngong Ping 360 Souvenir shop. But before entering, you'll find a big map, for tourists, posted before the entrance. It's also available online so I just took one picture of it.
Ngong Ping Village is a great way to start your tour in the Lantau. Adjacent to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery with the mountains as its background.
It was designed to reflect the local's cultural and spiritual integrity. There are a lot of things to do here from the enlightening Walking with Buddha, the action-packed Stage 360, and the thrilling Motion 360 to trying local delicacies and shopping.
It's their opening hour when we went there so there are less people walking around. My friend said it gets over crowded before noon and it's really true when we're walking back to the station. People, both tourists and locals, are starting to gather around.
Ngong Ping Village is just a couple minutes from the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal. You'll have a glimpse of the Big Buddha on the right side and the perfect view of village in front of you.
Along the way, different shops that offers local products are lined up. The Stage 360 and Motion 360 are along the way too. We don't have much time take a leisure walk or an intention to buy anything so we just took pictures of the shops from outside. We sometimes went inside a store if something unique or cheap (lol) caught our attention.
And if you are a believer and superstitious, you can make a wish at the Bodhi Wishing Shrine. It's located under the Bodhi Tree or Bo Tree, the "Awakening Tree". It's the tree where Siddhartha was said to have meditated. You can write your wish on a card that can be redeemed when you spend at least HK$150 at Ngong Ping 260 Souvenir shop.
It's really a fun and festive views walking from the Cable Car Station to the Big Buddha. You won't mind the walking because you're enjoying what you see. I would love to go back there again just to try the food and of course watch the shows!
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