The path from Ngong Ping Village will lead you to the Ngong Ping Piazza, where the Twelve Divine Generals are lined up. They are believed to be protectors of the Buddha. The Piazza is visible as soon as you passed though the archway of the Ngong Ping Village.
This 1.5 hectares piazza was officially opened in August 2010, after almost two years of planning and construction. It features the New Pai Lau, Bodhi Path, Di Tan and Chinese landscaped garden.
The New Pai Lau is the decorated archway at the entrance of the Piazza. It's built based on the architectural style of Qing Dynasty to complement of that Po Lin Monastery.
Ornamental Archway at Po Lin Monastery
Bodhi Path is the path leading to the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. On the both sides are the statues of the Twelve Divine Generals and the 40 Lotus-designed lanterns. And behind those are the local stores selling souvenirs and food.
Di Tan or Earth Temple is the big open space facing the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. It where most of the events are held. This is the best spot to take pictures of the Big Buddha.The Piazza is only a couple of minutes walk from Ngong Ping Village. Getting there is very easy as there's only one path leading to the Piazza.