Tamu Selera: Brunei's Malaysian & Indonesian Food Centre

If you want to try local dishes at a very cheap price go to Tamu Selera. It's an old fashioned hawker center set in a shady park with colorful tarps and parasols. It's an open area with ceiling fan that offers Malaysian and Indonesian dishes. If you've been to other Asian countries, you'll know by now that this is the kind place to get the best of the local dishes and local culture. Tamu Selera literally means "Appetite Park", an excellent night-time food stall area.

The food stalls in this center are operated by locals and to order, you either try very hard to talk to the staff or order what you think is good and pray they really do. Or to be on the safe side, just order satay (skewer), fried chicken, or just noodles. 
What we did when we ate there was looked around and checked other people's order and whatever we saw that looks good we ordered. Although, after we ordered we realized that looks really can be deceiving. Some of them just look good. I can' even remember the name of the food we ate!
Tamu Selera is very popular with adventurous tourists and the locals, so it tends to get crowded and noisy especially at night. The food here is really cheap (starts from B$1) and if you know what kind of food you want to try you can never go wrong. My advise, if you have friends in Brunei or a tourist guide, best to bring him along. 
We didn't plan on eating here but we saw it as we walk our way to the Catholic Church and we decided on dropping by after the mass. I'm glad we did as I was able experience real Brunei. When you visit Brunei, make sure to eat at one of the open or night markets or in Tamu Selera to know first hand how the locals enjoy their food.

Business Hours: 5:00pm to 2:00am (Daily)

Please click here on how to get there.


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