The Mall's Food Court: The Biggest Mall in Gadong District

It's our last night in Brunei and we've decided on eating at the night market called Pasa Malong in Gadong near the "The Mall". It's said to be one of the popular night markets in Brunei, however, it's still early when we went there so there's not much food to choose from. Our driver was long gone after we agreed on the time he's gonna pick-us up, so we just walk to the mall since it's near.
The Mall is the biggest mall in the busiest business area of Gadong in Brunei. It offers a lot of local and international brands from cosmetics to watches. We had a spare time before our flight back to Manila so we did a short window shopping. We didn't plan on shopping so after a couple of stores we went to the food court to eat. We had a difficult time choosing since we don't know a lot of local food, so what we did was order based on the pictures.
When we're about to order, we found out that most of the helpers in the stall that we have chosen are Filipinos and they helped us decide on what to order. Aside from that, they even gave us free Teh Tarek saying that we should try it as it's the best beverage in Brunei. Even though we declined because we already ordered our fruit juice, he insisted. He's not the first person who gave us free food, they were probably happy to see fellow Filipinos.
The food was okay, nothing spectacular. It has the same taste as the food we have here in the Philippines. Except of course the Teh Tarek, i love it and it's now one of my favorite drinks. There's one restaurant here in Manila that offers that same tea and I always go there when I get the chance. If you want good after visiting the Empire Hotel or the Mosque, make sure to drop by at this mall. Make sure to go there early so you have enough time doing some shopping. And if you're adventurous enough make sure to try their local dishes.

Address: Level 3, The Mall, Gadong BE3519, Bandar Seri BegawanNegara Brunei Darussalam
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 9:30pm
How to Get There?
The Mall is about 10 minutes ride by a private car from Bandar Seri Begawan. However, it might  take more than that if you're going there via a public bus. Taxi is another option but you can't easily find one since almost all people in Brunei own a car. For convenience, you can always hire a car to take you there. If you choose o take a public bus, here's how.
From any hotel in Bandar Seri, walk to the Bus Station near the Tamu Kianggeh and take the bus # 20 or bus # 1. Bus drivers speak little English but they can understand if you tell them the name of the place or your destination. Brunei is one of the country in South East Asia that has a cheap gasoline so the fare is fixed to B$1 anywhere you go.

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