Fort San Pedro (Fuerte de San Pedro)

The Fort San Pedro (Fuerte de San Pedro in Spanish) is a military defense structure in Cebu built by Spaniards in 1973 to repel Muslim raiders. It was built under the command of the first Governor-General of the Philippines, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.
This triangular in shape fort is strategically located near the ocean, making it the perfect spot to watch out for enemies. The majority of the fort is facing the sea and the third side is facing the land. The 2 sides facing the sea were safeguarded with cannons and the front was protected by a strong wooden fence.
The fort has three Bastions, they are named La Concepcion (southwest), Ignacio de Loyola (southeast), and San Miguel (northeast). Fourteen cannons were settled in their locations and most of them are still there today. 
It served as the base of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. However, during the Philippine Revolution, the Filipino Revolutionaries attacked and taken over the fort and used it as stronghold. After all what happened, the fort was now turned into a historical site and became one of the tourist attractions in the province.

Fort San Pedro is located in A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City. It is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm. A very minimal entrance fee is collected upon the entrance at the fort.
As soon as you enter the park, you can already see framed old news clip about the fort. And after you paid the entrance fee, you can start exploring the fort.
The original Spanish Flag
At the lower portion, there are galleries featuring the history of the fort. There's also a museum for artifacts and items from  the world war II and paintings about the Battle of Mactan. After the museum, you can climb to the top of the fort. 

There are a lot of people, Filipinos and Foreigners visit the place but not much of them climbed to the top. We did climb and walk around until we visited all corners of the fort. 
It's really an exciting exploration because we can actually see how it looks like from the top. And see for yourself the view of how the enemies can be seen while maneuvering the cannons.
If you have enough time when you're in Cebu, make sure to visit this place along with other attractions near the area: Plaza Independencia, Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Basilica Minore del Santo Nino and Magellan's Cross.
Address: A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu City
Business Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm
Entrance Fee: Php30.00 (Regular) | Php20.00 (Student with Valid I.D.) | Php24.00 (Senior Citizens with valid I.D.)
Parking Fee: Php20.00 (Van/Car) | Php40.00 (Bus/Coaster)

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