Sky Terrace 428

The Sky Terrace 428, is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong, perfect location to see the stunning view of the city. It's 360-degree panoramic view is a must try when you visit the Peak.
"Say I Love You at The Peak" Wishing Corner
There's nothing much to see up there, only the skyscrapers and the island, so you don't need a lot of time to visit. They said the best time to visit is in the morning and at night so you can see the island lit up. However, it still depends on the weather, because it gets foggy in Hong Kong, you won't be able to see the city.
There's a giant heart on top where you can hang a wishing card to express your love. I don't know how it works though, because if you're not with the one you love, how would he know you have expressed your love. I think it's still better to say it in person.
When you visit, be patient because a lot of people go there and you will need some time to get a spot to take pictures, without a photo bomber.

Business Hours: 10am to 11pm (Mon - Fri) | 8am to 11pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)


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