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Hong Kong Disneyland, is the 5th Disney Theme Resort in the world and the 2nd in Asia's, next to Tokyo Disneyland. It's popularity almost put the other themed park in Hong Kong, the Ocean Park Hong Kong out of business. The park is not only popular among Chines people, visitors from neighboring countries flock there too to experience happiness of being a kid again.
I, for one, was really excited and was running just to take pictures with the mascot of Buzz Lightyear and Daisy Duck, which I wasn't able to because they went for a break. I know I should have taken pictures with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, but I know it's going to be crowded so I was contented to take pictures with my favorite cartoon character, Stitch and a bonus picture with Woody!
To make this theme park unique for Chinese people, they incorporate their culture, customs and traditions in designing and building the resort. Like many Chinese structures, they have followed the rule of Feng Shui when building some of the structures in there. Like for example, the walkway near the resort's entrance was bent, to make sure the good "Qi" wouldn't flow into the South Chine Sea.

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If you see the park now, you wouldn't think that its construction was one of the shortest in Hong Kong. It was started in 2003 and was opened to the public in 2005. This is not the only Disney Park in China, there's another in Shanghai, in which the construction was slowed down to help the popularity and of Hong Kong Disneyland grow. More popularity, more income!
We all know that the popularity or success of businesses don't grow overnight. So even though the one's in Shanghai was slowed down, the park didn't have the targeted number of visitors on the first year until the 2nd year. Maybe because it hasn't been advertised or know to the neighboring countries. And besides, there are not many bloggers then that feature the park in their website. On the the 3rd year, however, it started to attract more visitors, and it goes on and on until it was named as the 13th most visited themed park in the World. After that, the popularity of the park stays on and it's always one of the attraction people visit when they go to Hong Kong, specially for families. They are starting to construct more attractions and expecting to attract more visitors when it finished.
The park consists of seven themed areas: Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land. Originally, there were only 4 classic themed areas, the traditional Main Street, U.S.A., Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. After 4 years, they added 3 more themed lands the latest was in 2013. They are now starting another construction for 2 more themed lands, Frozen Land and Marvel area. Aside from these 2 new additional themed areas, they are also a redesigning of Sleeping Beauty Castle and hub area. They have a total of 9 themed areas including the new ones.
Believe me, you can't visit all these in just one day. So if you have to fully enjoy and visit them all, go back on the next day. We went there an hour after it opened until before it closes and we still didn't visit half of the themed areas. Well, we saw them along the way, but didn't really go inside or fall in line to take pictures with the characters or even watch a single show.  There's this one show my friend asked me if can watch, but declined, didn't even realized that she just want to rest because we've been walking. She just told me when we got back to Manila!
Hong Kong Disneyland is very popular with  their Disney's Haunted Halloween, a world's exclusive event. They are the only Magic Kingdom-themed park in the world to celebrate the Halloween season with frightening walk-through attractions. Even though the attractions are full of living haunts and spectres that appear around corners, Disney tradition is preserved and gory scenes are excluded.
If you want to see all the park's characters, make sure you wait and watch their parades at the Main Street. They have one during day time, the "Flights of Fantasy" and at nighttime, the "Paint the Night".

Flights of Fantasy Parade
The parade premiered in 2011 as part of the "Celebration in the Air", celebrating  celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Hong Kong Disneyland. It replaced the parade "Disney on Parade", which had been running since the park's opening. The parade starts at around 3:00pm, so make sure that you already find a perfect spot in the Main Street 30 minutes before so you can see them close. 
The park's staff are very strict on people stepping out of the designated area and only kids are allowed to take pictures with the characters during the parade. It's really fun watching the parade, seeing your favorite Disney characters moving, jumping and waving at you. The fun will not stop there as there's a night version of the parade, which is very beautiful.

Disney Paint the Night
The night version of the Flight of Fantasy parade starts at around 7:00pm on the same location. The parade debuted in 2014, replacing the Main Street Electrical Parade. You might think that you will not be able to see them because it's dark, but no. The characters and their floats are fully lighted by LED lights, the very first one created by Disney. Make sure you wait for at least 15 minutes and find a perfect spot so you can see them near. When it started we're inside the restaurant and had to run outside to see it even from afar.

Disney in the Stars
Is a fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Cast and happens everyday before the park closes. They do it, just right after the Paint the Night Parade, so make sure the spot you choose is facing the castle to fully see the show. I was not able to see it, because I was standing at the back and people are blocking the view.
Disneyland is one of man's greatest creation that takes people to a happy place. It's not just for young people to enjoy but also for young at heart. A very amazing idea that comes to life and for sure will live forever! Might not be the same but for sure, better!


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