Ocean Park Summit Attractions & Thrilling Rides

The Summit of Ocean Park Hong Kong is more exciting and thrilling than the Waterfront. Not only because a lot of extraordinary animals are located there, but because of the hair raiser rides! I never tried them though because of my motion sickness and I don't like scaring myself, but for those who want to feel the adrenaline, you'll love this place. 
Below are the attractions & hair raiser rides located in the Summit of Ocean Park Hong Kong:

(D1) Arctic Blast
Ride into Ocean Park’s snowscape-themed wonderland on a sleigh with the whole family! Your unique roller coaster experience includes plenty of photo opportunities against the breathtaking Polar backdrop.
Height: 100cm (39")
Age: 4 or above
Remarks: Children between 4 and 6 years of age or between 100cm (39 inches) to 120cm (47 inches) of height must sit in the same row with an accompanied person who has attained the age of 15 and is of 120cm or above in height.

(D2) South Pole Spectacular
Did you know penguins only appear in the Southern Hemisphere? Now, you can meet them at the Polar Adventure too!
Come to the South Pole Spectacular to see over 70 penguins from three species, including endearing king penguins, the world’s second largest penguin, dramatic southern rockhopper penguins, one of the tiniest penguins on Earth and white-bonneted, gentoo penguins, which sport unusual coloured eye markings. 
This expansive area spans a viewing chamber, glass-panelled floors, walkways and balconies overlooking the water, in an eye-opening experience that surrounds you in the world of penguins!

 (D3) Arctic Fox Den
Meet arctic foxes at the Polar Adventure's Arctic Fox Den! Discover the secrets of this tundra predator, including how they combat extreme environments of -50˚C! With short ears and legs to prevent heat loss, and a long, bushy tail to wrap around their bodies for warmth, arctic foxes are well-adapted to the Arctic. Their fur even change colour from dark brown in summer to snowy white in winter! Find out more on their behaviour and the impact of humans on their habitat.

(D4) North Pole Encounter

Two pacific walruses make their debut here, with each coastal giant potentially growing to weigh more than a tonne, and measuring up to 3.6M long!
Listen to the honking of cute silvery spotted seals, who develop spots as adults, another first-time resident of the Park, and northern sea lions, chatting excitedly across the water. 
Go under the ice to see all these animals from a whole new view via our underwater tunnel! Don’t forget to see our Arctic guests, the snowy owls, during special animal presentations!
Remark: To keep our polar animals comfortable, the Polar Adventure will be kept at relatively low temperatures throughout the year (South Pole Spectacular at 8-10°C, North Pole Encounter at 15-17°C).

(E1) Ocean Express Summit Station
If you’re traveling from Ocean Park’s Waterfront to the Summit, why not take a fun 4 minute-ride on the Ocean Express? 
Capable of seating up to 5,000 people per hour, the train ride simulates a fantastical underwater journey in a submarine. 
Creatures of the deep make surprising appearances along the way, turning this 1.3 kilometre trip into an adventure. Just to add, there's no real ocean creatures, they are just images from the screen attached to the ceiling of the train.

(E2) Summit Plaza

(E3) Rainforest Why Zone

(E4) Expedition Trail

The Rainforest is home to a global heritage of flora and fauna. This Expedition Trail takes visitors on a hands-on journey through the habitat of some of the rarest animals in the world. Come catch the antics of the Pygmy Marmoset, the world’s smallest monkey, the Hercules Beetle, the world’s strongest animal capable of lifting 850 times its own body weight, and the Kinkajou, showing for the first time in Hong Kong! 
See weirdly wonderful critters like the Capybara, the world’s largest rodent, and the Arapaima, the world’s largest freshwater fish from South America! Spot the colours of jungle gems like the Poison Frog and Red Eye Tree Frog! Welcome the world’s largest toucan, the Toco Toucan and mark the debut of the world’s smallest toucan, the Green Aracari.

(E5) The Rapids
As you strap yourself into your raft, you can feel the eyes hidden in the undergrowth staring back. Deep within the jungle, your wet adventure takes you through darkened zones, patches of blinding sun and undulating terrain. There might even be sudden water gun attacks from overhanging suspension bridges, so look up as you pass!

From the highest to lower point of the journey: 3.2m
Length: 380m
Board Raft Seat: 9 seats
Height: 120cm (47")

  • Children whose height is 120cm (47") or above must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15 and is of 120cm or above in height. 
  • You may get splashed and soaked while experiencing The Rapids. Please bring or buy a raincoat if necessary.
(F1) The Flash
Like a flash, this aptly named ride whisks you 22m into the air and spins you around so fast that you might see stars! At its dizzying top speed of 60km/h, you will be whirled full circle with nothing to stop you and nothing under your feet. Each turn swings around at a massive force of 3.9G – a thrill only for most hardcore visitors!
Height: between 137cm (54") and 195cm (77")
Age: 12 or above

(F2) Whirly Bird
Take a pleasant spin that captures the magic of flying on vintage airplanes, and soar over 30 meters into the air. The open, floorless design of each plane is complemented by a sensitive joystick for manoeuvrability, enabling you to adjust the airfoils during your ride and personalise this classic experience in the sky.
Height: 122cm (48")

(F3) Rev Booster
Young adults (and older ones too!) can’t stop whirling at this candy-coloured ride with an unmistakable circus feel. The Rev Booster features three sensational levels of orbital motion while rocking to and fro to a lively beat. It might be impossible to tap your feet and sway up and down at the same time – but this is a ride that’ll surely make you try!
Height: 130cm (51")
Remarks: Visitors aged below 12 must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15. One adult can only accompany one child at a time.

(F4) Hair Raiser
The Hair Raiser doesn’t just make your hair stand on end; it hurtles, plunges, loops and dangles you around at a massive 4G – while mercilessly suspending you high above the South China Sea! This literally floorless ride is a no holds barred experience for the ultimate thrill seeker; a truly faster, wilder and more exciting experience than you’ve ever encountered before!
Height: 140cm (55")

Is the biggest attraction in the park. We were able to visit just a few attractions before the closing time. It's very tiring but satisfying, except for the Panda World.

(H1) Cable Car
Riding Ocean Park’s world famous Cable Car is the ideal way to get between the Waterfront and the Summit. Apart from unhindered views of the sea, sky and surrounding hills, all of which make a great backdrop for a family shot, this soothing journey provides an excellent opportunity to see where you would like to visit next in the Park below.

(H2) Sea Jelly Spectacular
Enter an underwater 'garden', where fluorescent sea jellies float serenely overhead. Over 1,000 sea jellies of all sizes, shapes and colours from around the world can be found at Ocean Park! Designed with the latest technology in lighting, music and multimedia special effects, the Sea Jelly Spectacular offers a sensational "undersea" voyage of discovery about these amazing undersea creatures. Play the interactive Shadow Game to "virtually" touch them, or play hide-and-seek with them in the Mirror Maze. Part of the adventure is finding your way out of this magical enclosure!

(H4) Shark Mystique
Uncover the secrets of the shark family at the Shark Mystique, a journey deep underwater to meet over a hundred sharks and rays that shatters the myths surrounding their lives, including the sawfish with a saw-like rostrum, and the zebra shark with leopard-like spots all over the body! 
discover their beauty from 360 degrees at this exciting exhibit while learning fun facts, then test your newfound knowledge at interactive games with friends! Before you go, join your favourite celebrities in pledging to stop eating shark fins. Your action is one more drop in saving our oceans!

(H5) Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium Yangtze Exploration
China’s rich culture has risen up alongside the twisting banks of the Yangtze. At the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium - Yangtze Exploration, visitors will go on a historical, cultural and conservation journey to learn about the waterway’s biodiversity, as well as uncover secrets about Hong Kong’s precious aquatic creatures. See an endangered Chinese sturgeon, a true living fossil, and other amazing fishes like the largemouth bronze gudgeon and Chinese spined barb! 

(H6) Ocean Theatre
In a joyous adventure that underscores the urgent need to protect our oceans and its denizens, a brave adventurer discovers the majesty of the sea. Visitors will share his wonder as they meet these animals up-close and discover for themselves the true treasures of the sea! “Ocean Wonders” splashes into the hearts of young and old at Ocean Theatre daily.

(H7) Ocean Park Tower
Extraordinary vistas of the South China Sea emerge from atop Ocean Park Tower, at a soaring height of 72m in the air. Located 200m above sea level, the gently rotating viewing room provides 360 degrees of sun, sea and sky. Ranked as one of the tallest observation towers in Southeast Asia, guests will be able to clearly see Aberdeen and the outlying islands.
Height: 122cm (48")
Remarks: Persons below 122cm (48") must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15 and is of 122cm or above in height.

(H8) Pacific Pier
Take a trip down the sunny Californian coast, right here at Ocean Park! See the sun, surf and sand up close, in a way you've never seen before!
View the rocky coastal habitat of seals and sea lions as they frolic, sunbathe and hunt beneath the waves!
This interactive exhibit allows you to go under the pier and see these agile creatures in the water, complete with simulated waves. 20 resident seals and sea lions are waiting to say hello! You may even get the chance to feed them personally!

(H9) Flying Swing
Forget swings that only go back and forth – these swings will also spin you around! Get dizzy with delight as you're swayed and whirled 7m through the air. Bring along some friends – more people to scream with will definitely make this crazy twist on the classic playground delight better!

Max. diameter (in motion): 17m
Ride time: 2 mins
Max. height of the seat: Approx. 7m
Rotation speed: 11rpm in wave motion
Height: 122cm (48')

(H10) Ferris Wheel
All aboard for spectacular views of Ocean Park and the South China Sea! The 24m Ferris Wheel takes you on a romantic rendezvous between the boundless earth and sky, while offering numerous opportunities for snapshots with friends and beloved ones against stunning panoramic scenery. It’s a view of the world to delight the heart of even the most jaded visitor!

(H11) The Dragon
Ocean Park’s steel monster is packed with corkscrews and full 360° rotations that tear through at the speed of a hurricane – a nightmare for even the most hardened thrill seekers. Are you brave enough for the ultimate Hong Kong roller coaster experience? Enter the Dragon and meet your greatest challenge.
Height: 132cm (52")

(H12) Crazy Galleon
Shiver me timbers – it’s the craziest pirate ship to sail the South China Sea! Earn your sea legs on this massive galleon, as you swing your way across the ocean to the screams of other captives around you. Tilting at a nearly 45° angle in either direction, 20m above ground, this rocking journey is not for the faint of heart!
Length of boat: 26m
Height of boat in full swing: 20m
Height: 122cm (48")
(H13) The Abyss 
Ocean Park’s ultimate thrill ride is not for the faint of heart! Get ready to plunge 20 stories straight to the ground– you’ll only have seconds to admire the view on the way up. Whether this exhilarating free fall ends as quickly as a dream or lingers in your screams is something you’ll have to find out yourself!
Height: 132cm (52')

(H14) The Eagle
The Eagle’s is a gravity-defying spinner that rises up towards the sky and split apart, displaying four individual pods of screaming passengers, all holding on for dear life! Whirling out maximum fun at 8 revolutions per minute, with a shocking gyro drive speed of 22 revolutions per minute, come defy the limit on how fast your body can spin.

Total height: 31m
Traveling height of gondolas: 23.5m
Max. diameter of ride during operation: 18.5m
Central rotation speed: 8 revolutions per min
Gyro drive speed: 22 revolutions per min
Height: 122cm (48')

(H15) Veterinary Centre

(H16) Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre

(G1) Escalator
Rain or shine, journey between Marine World and Adventure Land on the second longest outdoor escalator in the world! The clear tunnel that shields your ride throughout its 225m length is not only great for keeping out the elements, but also offers unhindered views of the park spread out before you.

(G2) Mine Train
With the sea at your side and 85 metres of nothingness below, the Mine Train hurtles you over one crazy peak to the next! Catch this runaway ride over half a kilometre of track at breakneck speed – to join a Wild West adventure like no other! Ocean Park’s craziest rollercoaster ride will leave you breathless and screaming into the horizon and back!
Height: 122cm (48')

(G3) Raging River
Follow the trail of brave explorers before you in a journey by log boat that meanders through calm channels, before meeting narrow ravines, snaky slopes and chilling hairpin turns! Twist your way towards a spectacular vertical drop – and plunge into the mist below at over 58km per hour!

Height: 122cm (48")
Age: 3 or above

  • Persons below 122cm (48") must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15 and is of 122cm or above in height.
  • Visitors may get wet while experiencing the Raging River, please bring or buy a raincoat if necessary.
Garden of Joy
Calligraphy, tea ceremony and traditional poetry, Japanese gardening (and the appreciation of Japanese Gardens) has long been considered a form of meditation. Ocean Park's Garden of Joy provides visitors with a tranquil sanctuary to escape from the stress of daily life. Beautifully landscaped with flowing streams, picturesque bridges, lush greenery and playful multi-coloured koi fish, this garden was designed to help soothe and revive the spirits of its observers.


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