ATV and Buggy Car Ride

If you want to experience a more adventurous activity, then try ATV or Buggy car. This activity requires your instincts and reflexes. This fun ride is a really enjoyable for me since I love riding a motorbike. It's a piece of cake for me.
Before starting for our ATV ride, we had to attend a very short workshop, more like a short explanation on how it works; from driving to visiting the Ocean Tower. After that, we were guided to where the ATVs were parked and were asked a few questions. Like, if it's our first time to ride, or if we know how to drive.
Even if you tell them that you know how to handle the ATV, you will still have to go through the practice driving where they will decide who will be on the first lane and the last. One of my friends said it's not her first time to drive, but since her wrist is kind of weak, she was ask to be on the first lane. I know how to handle this and the guide said I should be on the last lane and become my friends support.
It's all okay with me, but I can't go as fast as I want to because I'm behind them.  It's a rule not to get passed by the ones ahead of me, so I just let them drive far away from me so I can speed up (which is not right...LOL). The ride will start from the Happy Dreamland Theme Park up to the Ocean Tower Point View, where you can see the island 360 degrees.

You can choose which one you want to ride, ATV or Buggy Car. The rate is different though for the two rides. ATV is Php1,250.00 per unit per person and Buggy car is Php1,950. We got a good deal and paid Php500 only for the ATV, inclusive of Sky Cycle Ride and a visit to the Trick Art Museum.


  1. hi! nice review. btw, I would like to know from whom did u get the 500 peso package of museum, ATV and skycycle. Im planning to visit Boracay on March. :) Thanks!

  2. Hi Princess, let me find the calling card I got from him and message you again. Make sure to haggle with him for all the activities you want to do. You can get a lot cheaper if you get all from him. Enjoy!

  3. Hi Princess, here's the mobile # of Mang Danny, the one who offered us the package in Boracay- 0929-883-1403. The more activities you get from him, the cheaper package you can get.

  4. Thank you so much for this! more travel and adventure to us! :) :) :)

  5. You are welcome! And yes, more travel and adventures to us! Enjoy Bora! :)


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