Trick Art Museum

Trick Art Museum for me is what completed my adventure in Boracay. It's amazing and wished I can bring my nephews and nieces there.
Before I travel to Boracay, I searched online what we can do here aside from water activities, and I didn't know of this museum. Even after we arrived in Boracay, this is unknown for me and my friends. 
The first painting you'll see when you enter the museum
3D Painting version of the famous "Scream"
And we were told that we can visit the museum for free (included in the package), I was not really looking forward to it. I thought it's just a simple museum that no one visits that's why it's free.
The museum is located inside the Happy Dreamland Theme Park and can be seen on the way to the Sky Cycle.  Looking from the outside, it's really not interesting, just like an ordinary house.
After we ride the Sky Cycle, we headed to the museum, it's free anyway. Outside the  museum is this statue with illusion of being buried and only the head and one arm are showing, that caught my interest.

Trick Art Museum is a 2-storey building that houses a lot of 3D paintings that provide bigger than life optical illusions. This is a local version of the Trick Art Museums in Korea and Japan. 

I was really amazed in thinking how tedious it would be in planning and painting these. The museum lets people be familiarized with art and at a very creative way at that.
When we entered, I was really confused because in my mind, this museum houses antique materials used for magic tricks. And I thought what are we gonna do with this paintings.
After a couple of second observing, we learned that it's not that confusing. There are posted pictures beside the painting showing how the trick should be done. You can also be creative and find your own illusion.
One hour is not enough to explore and do all the tricks with the paintings. We spent an hour and a half and that's with the chosen paintings only. We haven't tried all the tricks in all the paintings, only the interesting ones.

Don't just stopped at the ground floor, because there are more paintings on the 2nd floor. On the wall going to the 2nd floor are paintings of cartoon superheroes and other movie-theme paintings.
Movie theme paintings at the wall going to 2nd floor of the museum
There's one painting of Manny Pacquaio coming out of a flat screen TV with his right punch. And there are aprons and paper bags with different designs that you can use to create an illusion. 

These amazing 3D Paintings were mostly done by Filipinos. The paintings are realistic they will really astound you. I wished we had more time when we visited, but we had to go to watch the sunset at Station 1. 
Trick Art Museum is located inside the Happy Dreamland Theme Park. The park is open from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm from Monday to Friday. From 10:00am to 10:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 9:00pm on Sundays. 
Entrance fee is Php180.00 inclusive of a visit to the Trick Art Museum and Bird Farm and a ride in Sky Cycle. Some packages includes these activities for free, make sure to haggle!

Address: Brgy. Pinaungon, Balabag, Boracay Island 

How to Get There: Take a tricycle from D Mall, fare is Php20.00 to Php50.00 per person.


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