Happy Dreamland Theme Park

Happy Dreamland Theme Park is said to be the first and only theme park in the Visayas Region. It can become one of the reasons why people from the nearest provinces visit Boracay.  
The 22,300 square meters park has nine rides, including the kids most loved Merry-Go-Round and Bump Cars. While the park offers these popular rides, it also offers other rides that are unique.
One of these rides is the Sky Cycle. It said to be the first in the country and you can ride it for only Php99.00 ($2.25). Pedaling a side-by-side built bicycles "Sky Cycles" on a railways 15-feet above the ground will definitely give you a thrill.
Just below the Sky Cycle railways, is the runway for Go Karts. It's not actually among the Happy Dreamland rides, but if you want a more thrilling ride, you can try this.
ATV & Buggy car is not also among of the park's rides, but it's located inside the park. They are parked just beside the entrance/exit of the park.
Among the rides available at Happy Dreamland are: Zorb,  Galleon, Aladino, and Flume. Zorb, unlike other versions, Happy Dreamland is different. Instead of you being inside the zorb as it bounce up and down on the water, you will be rolled down a 100-feet long trench.
Galleon and Aladino on the other hand takes you for an extreme spin. If you love getting yourself dizzy, these are the rides you need. I hate them though because I have this killjoy motion sickness. Just watching Galleon makes me nauseous.
Galleon swings 90-degrees from side-to-side that will make you scream to you heart content. Aladino, is the 360 version of the Galleon. The platform where you sit will rotate in full circle. Talk about dizziness to the max! 
Flume is where one sit in a log-shape boat while being propelled by the flow of water. Complimenting the rides are other amusements and fun statues around the park. You can see a lot of touch of Korea inside the park. Even Sai's statue is there with one of his famous poses.
What I find more amazing when we visited the park, as part of the package we got, was the Trick Art Museum. When I first heard it, I thought it's just a simple museum with collections of things used for tricks, but it's not! 
Inside the museum are "3D Paintings" that shows amazing visual illusions. And what's more amazing is, a picture is posted beside the painting to showing how to do the tricks.

On the 2nd floor of the museum is the Butterfly Museum. We don't have much time and it's not part of the package, so we haven't seen it. At least I have another reason to visit the Park when I go back to Boracay. 
There's a bird farm inside the park too, so if you have extra time, explore it. I just wished the park is not located near a dump site. It's disturbing that nasty smell you are having fun.
The park is open from 12:00 noon to 9:00pm from Monday to Friday. From 10:00am to 10:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 9:00pm on Sundays. When you visit Boracay, don't just settle on the beach. Explore and try other activities or visit other places.

Address: Brgy. Pinaungon, Balabag, Boracay Island  
Phone#: +63(36)288-2112
Email Address: happy.dreamland@yahoo.com

How to Get There: Take a tricycle from D Mall, fare is Php20.00 to Php50.00 per person.


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