What to Do in Boracay Island?

Your Boracay adventure is not complete without trying at least 3 activities.  Here are the list of must try activities in Boracay when you have limited budget and time.

If you love adventure up in the air, this activity is the perfect one for you. You can experience being whisked into the sky while strapped in a seat covered by a colorful parachute. Read more>>

Helmet Dive
If you wondered how it feels to walk on the ocean floor, you can stop now. Because you can actually do it in Helmet Diving when you visit Boracay. Read more>> 

ATV and Buggy Car
If you want to experience a more adventurous activity, then try ATV or Buggy car. This activity require your instincts and reflexes. Read more>>

Island Hopping
It's true what they say that your Boracay adventure experience will not be complete without this activity! Read more>>

Snorkeling is one of the first activities in Boracay that has became very popular in the early years. Read more>>

Sky Cycle
Sky Cycle that is said to be the first in the Philippines can be found in Happy Dreamland Theme Park in Boracay Island. Read more>>

Please click here for other activities you can try when in Boracay Island. You can try these if you have huge budget and ample amount of time.


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