Sky Cycle

Sky Cycle that is said to be the first in the Philippines can be found in Happy Dreamland Theme Park in Boracay Island. I'll never know that there's a themed park in Boracay if it's not because of the ATV Ride. We were able to ride it for free because of the package we got.

After our ATV ride, we were told that we can ride the Sky Cycle for free. At first, I was excited to ride it, but when I saw how high it is from the ground I almost backed out.  But of course, even if I'm scared of height, I still want to try this.
Sky Cycle consists of winding railways, 15 feet off the ground. On the railways are specially-built bicycles consisting of 2 side-by-side sky cycles. I know it's safe because it's securely anchored to the railways, but I can't help to get scared. The railways and the posts supporting it are rusting and look weak. We are 3 in a group so I had no choice but go cycling alone.
Since it is a 2-seater bicycle, and alone, it felt like it's not balance and I'm gonna fall. So I tried to lean near the empty seat to balance it out. Cycling is easy but hearing the creaking every time I turn, it's really scaring. It's fun but I didn't enjoy it very much. I was praying not to fall while cycling!
Regular fee in riding the sky cycle is Php90.00 per person per ride. The ride takes about 5 to to 7 minutes. The park is open from This is really amazing, but it's just sad that it's not well-maintained. 
When you visit Boracay, spare a time to try this ride.  The ride is more fun with friends!


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