Men and Flowers

"Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock." ~Henry Ward Beecher
How men and flowers are alike? Generally speaking, men and flowers are very alike. Both have different characteristics, types and descriptions. 
Like men, there are flowers that give you the image of being bright, cheerful, loud, playful and charming. There are some that are too complex and mysterious. Some attract you with their calm, sweet and innocent features.
There are others that are too fragile for a breeze, but some are strong enough to stand a storm. Most of them will give you the image of being simple and timid but just added to how attractive they are.
Like men, there are flowers that look like royalty, elegant and delicate. But most observers get attracted to the slender and sensual ones.
Like men, flowers also improve themselves; some give away their smell and let out their special features, to become attractive. The only difference is, the flowers can't move like men, so they have to evolve to attract the animals to reproduce.
However, again, like men, flowers not only depend on the physical attributes to attract insects or animals. They also use the smell, and even patterns that only special insects can see. 
Can you think of someone that does this? Are you familiar with the "Pheromones" that they say our body secretes when we are attracted and wanting somebody? 
Or that special pattern you show for that special someone to notice you? Oh and can you think of someone that is attracted to a unique smell of that special person?
Flowers have that too! Some flowers have patterns that only bees and other insects that have ultraviolet vision can see. The guides they show to tell them where exactly is the nectar.
Other flowers attract their pollinators thru scent. People might find the smell unpleasant but for some special insects, it's very attractive.
They even change their appearance, like men, to attract insect and animal. Some species of orchids produce a flower resembling female bees to attract male bees.
Like flowers, men withers and fall, but still endure whatever the life gave them. 
The roots of the flowers can be compared to the history of the men, the roots of how they came to this world. Their stem to to our bodies strong enough to stand whatever throws at them. The petals to our personalities, the layer of personalities sometimes we don't realize we have. 
Flowers have been used as a symbol, like the red rose for love, beauty and passion. Poppies for consolation in time of death or in other countries, red poppies are worn to commemorate the soldiers who died in a war. Irises and lilies are used in burials as symbol of resurrection and daisies as a symbol of innocence.
Flowers have been part of men's life from birth to courtship to marriage, even until death. Always the first thing to come in mind if someone wants to beautify their environment. 
Flowers are also the objects of romance, religion, ritual, and as a medicine. Some even use it as source of food. And like humankind, flowers have been the favorite subjects of visual artists.
Men are from mars and women are from Venus! But how men and flowers are almost alike? It’s because women love men as much as they love flowers. They both gave them the reason to be happy and to feel alive.
Like flowers, men always smell good with the women who love them. Makes the world beautiful and brighter. Men like flowers make the women's environment beautiful!
What about you? Do you like flowers? How do you find them attractive? Share your thoughts in the comment below.
By the way, I'm going to post the list of flowers that I have photographed, but it's not complete. So if you are willing to share yours, with your copyright of course and proper credits, it's an honor. Message me! :)

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